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Can the UK Labor Party heal its internal divisions?

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20220925 214334

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Al Jazeera’s investigation reveals that party officials worked to undermine former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

An Al Jazeera investigation has exposed allegations of dirty tricks and manipulation within the opposition UK Labor Party.

Hundreds of thousands of internal documents, emails and social media messages have been revealed in one of the biggest leaks in British political history.

They show how Labor bureaucrats themselves undermined former leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was in charge from 2015 to 2020.

His far-left policies galvanized some younger voters.

But party members who supported him were silenced, discredited or expelled.

The news comes as the Labor Party leads the ruling Conservatives in opinion polls.

Could the revelations affect Labour’s chances of returning to power?

Presenter: imran khan


Alex Nunns – Former Jeremy Corbyn speechwriter

John Curtice – Professor of Politics, University of Strathclyde

Jonathan Lis – Political commentator and deputy director of the think tank British Influence

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