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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Cars sank and homes inundated with heavy rains over Pune

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20220925 145104



Looney Rain: Cars drenched through the city were the familiar sight

New Delhi:

Severe waterlogging has been reported from many outskirts of Pune after heavy rain hit the city on Sunday. Traffic became congested and several submerged cars were seen after roads turned into rivers. Homes were also flooded.

The city experienced heavy rain between 5 and 7 pm. An official said an “orange” warning of heavy to very heavy rains has been issued in Ghat areas for the next two days.

Waterlogging has also been reported outside the Pune Fire Brigade office on BT Kawade Road. Firefighters help city residents.

Tree falls occurred in 10 places, although there were no reports of anyone injured.


Officials are busy cleaning up the area


A man sees the loss while officials do their jobs

Here’s what’s going on on Twitter in the wake of heavy rain.

The Indian Meteorological Department or IMD has forecast that rainfall in Maharashtra is likely to increase and will continue till September 14.

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