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Cher, 76, defends her relationship with her younger boyfriend, Alexander Edwards, 36: ‘Love doesn’t know math’

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“On paper, this looks strange, even to me,” cher he tweeted in the early hours of November 24. Cher, 76, seemed to acknowledge that her new romance with Alexander “AE” Edwards it was a bit strange, considering she was twice the age of her new boyfriend, AE, 36. However, Cher said that her new boyfriend says that “[love] He doesn’t know math,” and won’t care about the relationship or the backlash he’s faced because of the age difference.

“If you [are] happy with AE, I mean truly happy, so who cares? The happiness of a person does not depend on what others think or say,” replied a fan. “BABE, SOME MARCH 2 A DIFFERENT DRUMMER. I Dance 2 One,” Cher tweeted in response. “Baby, ENJOY IT!!! You are an absolute legend, and any man would be lucky to have you. AE is a lucky guy, and it seems like he knows it, so just let go and enjoy, we only have one life!”. another fan added, to which Cher responded with a heart emoji.

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Before her math tweet, Cher tweeted a photo of AE “hanging out” and added: “we’re adults.” She also said that “we are happy” as a couple and that one of the qualities that she most admires in her new boyfriend is that he is “kind, intelligent, funny… [kiss] Like teenagers.

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“He is 36 [and] in [the] In the end, he chased me until we met in the middle. He’s [the] Consistent, I’m the skittish one. We love each other…. LADIES NEVER GIVE UP.” He also referred to how met AE at Paris Fashion Week when she walked in a latex catsuit for the Balmain show. “Neither of us wanted to do 2 [a] long trip to Paris, and then Paris was magical.”

Cher and AE debuted their romance earlier this month when they had a date night at Craig’s in West Hollywood. Before this, AE was tied to amber rose, and the two welcomed a son together in 2019. After date night, Cher confirmed the romance. “I’m not defending us,” she tweeted. “Hateers will hate. It doesn’t matter that we’re happy and don’t upset anyone. When a fan said that AE better treat you like the queen you are,” Cher said she was.

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