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Chief Justice UU Lalit recalls his early career days in Nagpur, emotionally gaining

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20220925 121650

Chief Justice UU Lalit recalls his early career days in Nagpur, emotionally gaining

Chief Justice of India UU Lalit attending an event in Nagpur hosted by the Bar Association of the Supreme Court


Chief Justice of India UU Lalit today broke into tears as he recalled the time he spent in Nagpur at the start of his career as a lawyer. Speaking at a congratulatory ceremony organized for him by the Bar Association of the Supreme Court, he promised to do his best according to his knowledge and capabilities during his tenure as Chief Justice of India.

The Chief Justice of India referred to a poem by Rudyard Kipling, noting that he was feeling nostalgic while speaking in Nagpur where he began his journey with the law, and said: “Life is a journey that you take and makes one emotional that it is not what it is I have covered it but that is how it covers have that.”

After catching tears at this point, Chief Justice Lalit took a few moments to secure himself.

“I only have one promise… I will do everything to the best of my knowledge and abilities,” he said.

Chief Justice Lalit said he has fond memories of Nagpur, adding that he is fortunate to come from a family of lawyers.

He also thanked his wife for standing by him like ‘the rock of Gibraltar’ and said they share a unique bond where she will understand him even before he says anything.

The High Court Justice, Bhushan Javai, who has also practiced law in Nagpur, also spoke on the occasion.

Judge Jaffee said that innovative and unconventional thinking is a hallmark of Chief Justice Lalit’s career, adding that Chief Justice Lalit always consults his colleagues and “is a truly democratic leader.”

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Judge Jaffee said he called a full court hearing for all Supreme Court justices within two hours of taking office and came up with solutions to challenges such as suspending old cases.

He noted that as many as 106 old matters pending for 10 to 12 years were resolved within four days.

Chief Justice of Bombay High Court Dipankar Datta said the judges are proud to have appointed Chief Justice Lalit as their leader.

When they first met in March 2021 in Delhi, Chief Justice Lalit walked in and said “Sir, how are you?” Judge Datta recalls, adding, “Let me be very frank, a High Court judge has never approached me like this, calling me, sir.”

Justice Datta said that although Chief Justice Lalit’s tenure will be short, it has not prevented him from taking major strides to make reforms to the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice Lalit was sworn in as the 49th Chief Justice of India last week and will hold office until November 8.

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