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Chris Rock says Smith “hit me on the cutest joke” during a stand-up

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Chris Rock57 years old, again will SmithThe infamous slap at the 2022 Oscars. The comedian reportedly said the actor hit him for “the most beautiful joke” he’s ever been told, during a show about Dave ChappelleThe combined European Tour was in the second title on September 2. He said, according to ET. “Parent hit me on a bull joke, the cutest joke I’ve ever said!”

Chris was referring to a joke he made about Will’s wife Jada Pinkett SmithSuffering from alopecia areata, and shaved her head. “Jada, I love you. GI Jin 2He said on the Oscar stage before Will got up and slapped him with an open hand. After returning to his previous seat The new prince of Bel Air The star shouted, “Leave my wife’s name out of the king’s mouth.”

Chris Rock, Will Smith
The moment Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. (Myung Chun/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock)

Since the horrific incident happened, Chris has talked about him briefly on several comedy shows, and Will has issued a public apology to Chris and his family after being away from him for a few months. “I’ve reached out to Chris and the message that came back is that he’s not ready to talk and when he’s ready to connect with him,” Will said in a YouTube video. “So I will tell you, Chris, I apologize to you. My behavior was unacceptable.”

Chris also revealed that he was offered the opportunity to host the 2023 Academy Awards, but declined. He reportedly compared the show to returning to the crime scene and specifically mentioned the Og Simpson murder case. He obviously made it clear to him that returning to the Oscars stage would be like asking the late Nicole Brown Simpson “To go back to the restaurant” where she left a pair of glasses the night she died.

Chris Rock, Will Smith
Another picture of the slap. (Rob Latour/Shutterstock)

Will’s actions towards Chris prevented him from attending the Academy Awards for the next ten years. “I accept and respect the Academy’s decision,” Weil said in a statement shortly after the ban was announced. “My actions at the 94th Academy Awards were shocking, painful and unforgivable. The list of people I have hurt is long and includes Chris, his family, many of my dearest friends and loved ones, and all of the global audiences and attendees at home. I betrayed the Academy’s trust.”

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