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Cobra Kai Creators Reveal Ferris Bueller Spinoff Movie Details

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cobra kai creators Josh Heald and Jon Hurwitz reveal details about their approach to their Ferris Bueller’s Day Off derivative movie. Heald and Hurwitz developed cobra Kai, a series derived from the karate kid franchise, along with Hayden Schlossberg in 2018. The series, which stars the franchise’s original actors reprising their roles, moved from YouTube Red to Netflix and recently concluded its fifth season. After the good reception of their spin-off, which masterfully walks the line between nostalgia and originality, the three creators were chosen for a Ferris Bueller titled branch Sam and Victor’s day off.


Released in 1986, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off stars Matthew Broderick as the titular Ferris, a high school student who plays hooky to have a spontaneous and adventurous day with his best friend Cameron (Alan Ruck) and his girlfriend Sloane (Mia Sara). The coming-of-age film, set in Chicago, was written and directed by ’80s movie legend John Hughes. At one point, Ferris and his friends use Cameron’s father’s Ferrari for transportation during the day and drive him to a parking lot. The trio leaves the car with two unnamed parking attendants, played by Richard Edson and the late Larry “Flash” Jenkins, who leave in the car, returning it in one piece but with many more miles on the odometer. the Ferris Bueller the spin-off will focus on that couple’s adventures on Ferris’s day off; the creators have named the valet guys Sam and Victor.

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Hurwitz and Heald, along with Schlossberg, now talk to Variety about your next Ferris Bueller spin-off, discussing the ways in which his approach will compare with cobra kai. The two creators open up about their intentions, which they say are not to remake but to explore. See what they have to say below:

Hurwitz: We’re children of the ’80s. When we talk about the seminal movie experiences of our lives, there’s a five-year period from ’83 to ’88 where a lot of those movies make us fall in love. “Ferris Bueller” was one of those moments in our lives. We love side trips. In “Ferris Bueller,” there’s this big wish going on with these two valet guys, who take this amazing Ferrari on the ultimate joyride. We only get a couple of glimpses of them leaving, going up a giant hill, taking the car up in the air, and then bringing it back. What is going on in their lives? They seem to be having a very different experience than Ferris, who lives in the outer suburbs. What could have led them to need that car, want that car, and take it? When you start to unravel all the threads, a lot of ideas are generated. We’re excited to tell a very different story that takes place in Chicago on the day that “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” isn’t about retreading. It’s just trying to add to it; we’re not trying to shove nostalgia down anyone’s throat. We love and respect movies that everyone says are untouchable, and this is not meant to touch or mess with “Ferris Bueller” in any way.

Heald: We’re not interested in redoing anything. We love it so much that we want to explore it more. The similarity with “Cobra Kai” began with a point of view that you have not seen. In “Karate Kid”, what if you were in Johnny’s shoes? It makes you look back at “The Karate Kid” in a fun and different way. It keeps that movie alive in a different way. If things work with this, it would be similar.

Hurwitz: We don’t want to spoil anything that’s going to happen, but it goes without saying that it will take place on the same day as Ferris’s day off. They are in Chicago, they have crossed paths. Some of the iconic scenes or locations that we saw through Ferris’s eyes, we may be able to see through the eyes of other characters.

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Hurwitz and Heald’s comments illuminate the reasons for their success with cobra kai. His mention of wanting to stay away from oversaturating the sequel with nostalgia is an approach that has worked well with the the karate kid cleave. While nostalgia is inherent in revisiting any iconic ’80s property, especially this one, The reported interest by creators in developing new stories within that environment is an exciting prospect. With the many remakes and reboots happening now, Hurwitz, Heald and Schlossberg’s approach to breaking new ground within old properties is a great way to extract the best of both worlds.

Although some fans wonder if a Ferris Bueller A sequel, especially one about two unnamed minor characters, is even necessary, Hurwitz, Heald and Schlossberg have shown that they can find fresh and important stories within long-concluded films. Ferris Bueller, I like it karate kid, it may have had a satisfying ending, but that doesn’t mean it made the most of its setting and premise. According to what Hurwitz said about his spin-off, yesam and Victor’s Day Off will explore another side of Chicago in the ’80s, which is a creative way to build on the established legacy of the original film without compromising the sanctity of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. If their approach succeeds, it will open up a rich world of potential spin-offs for the filmmakers, giving supporting characters from other ’80s and ’90s classics their day in the sun.

Source: Variety

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