Cody Bellinger took a strike while receiving a standing ovation

Home plate umpire Jim Wolf calls a strike out on Cody Bellinger of the Chicago Cubs for a clock violation

Home plate umpire Jim Wolf calls a strike out on Cody Bellinger of the Chicago Cubs for a clock violation
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One would think that with MLB Seriously considering a move to robotic refs, the humans currently doing the job would show some urgency and at least try to show why they are better suited than a machine. Case in point, Friday night at Dodger Stadium when Cody Bellinger received a standing ovation from fans who rooted for him over the first seven years of his career. That would seem like an appropriate time to read the room and let the shot clock slide by, right?


If you’re wondering who the jerk behind the mask is, it’s Jim Wolf. He started working on the big guys in 1999 and has overseen plenty of historic moments. Perhaps the return of a two-time All-Star and World Series champion didn’t meet his notable criteria. Maybe he didn’t want to set a dangerous precedent that no fan is above the game. Or it could have been something passive-aggressive fired at the league for making him work harder.

I have no idea. However, he would like some explanation why Andrew McCutchen was on the receiving end of a welcome home in Pittsburgh since he’s a Pirate again and that went off without an ego trip.

Let’s test the logic here for a second. Were fans going to do this for every Bellinger at-bat? Probably not. If that was the situation, then start handing out violations. More than one is superfluous, but I think the league office would let him through if he’s within reason.

What are we going to sound like to 3-4-5 hitters after Aaron Judge breaks his? home run record this year because Roger Maris Jr. is out on the field again, sobbing uncontrollably? Every time a human being does something so inexplicably dumb, like dumb criminal idiots, you just have to shake your head and laugh in amazement. It’s bullshit like this (and Rob Manfred’s affinity for fan service) that makes MLB think C-3P-ump might be a better route to take.

A vacuum cleaner has the cognition to recognize that something different was going on when Bellinger came up to bat. So yeah, congratulations to Jim Wolf on his nomination for idiot of the month.

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