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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Coi Leray and Rolling Ray exchange words on Twitter (photos)

20220925 194238
20220925 194238

oops! The drama between Rolling Ray and Coi Leray has reignited. The two of them are doing it on Twitter, and people are tuning in. Things were quiet between the two for a while until Coi palmed him back after he responded to her tweet from her yesterday where she claimed someone was paying blogs not to post her.

Coi tweeted, “Hahaha I don’t know what Rolling Ray is talking about but I know I prayed for him when he was in the hospital…and to this day I prayed for him. Hurt people hurt people! I won’t say it again!”

Ray was quick to clap his hands and wrote:

“You said you were praying for me but just a month before I went into a coma you were in my town doing a club event and you said fuck me and I can suck my shit but now you were praying. for me… try to steal my name and all, bye bye BIG RED stop stealing applause. You dropped the spirit staff.

If you missed tea yesterday, let us inform you. This is what Coi said.

Ray wasted no time mentioning Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and other female artists as he told Coi:

“What’s there to go on when your debut album didn’t even sell more than 11,000 copies? And you had so many features, but when the talent doesn’t add up to the sound, this is what happens. Toughen. Better days.”

Coi hasn’t responded, but the ‘Blick Blick’ rapper has been keeping busy these days. Over the weekend, he attended the Breakout tour in Vancouver.

What do you think of the exchange of Rolling Ray and Coi Leray?

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