Comixology’s Marvel Comics App Will Shut Down in June

Marvel announced today that its Marvel Comics app operated by Comixology will be shutting down in June. Thankfully, comic book fans who purchased issues in-app can access them on the company’s self-operated Marvel Unlimited app. The closure comes several months after layoffs at Amazon (which has owned Comixology since 2014) hit the comic book store hard.

The Marvel Comics app will shut down on June 2. Exactly one month before that, May 2, is the deadline for new purchases in the old app. Any purchases made up to that date will carry over to Marvel Unlimited.

Android users who purchased digital comics through the Comixology Marvel Comics app have an effortless transition: do nothing and your comics should appear in Marvel Unlimited. (That’s because the Android app already required a Marvel account.) But iOS users have some extra steps. First, you’ll need to open the Comixology Marvel Comics app on your iPhone or iPad. Then follow Marvel’s instructions to link a Marvel account to the above app. After that, your previous purchases should appear in Marvel Unlimited.

You will not need a Marvel Unlimited subscription to access your in-app purchases above. But to tempt you into buying their service, Marvel is offering a discounted price of $5 per month for the first year with UNLIMITED coupon code. (Usually it’s $10/month or $70 if you pay for a full year.) Marvel Unlimited is like Netflix for Marvel comics, offering access to over 30,000 issues of the Marvel universe. Like the app run by Comixology, there is usually a delay of around three months between the initial release of an issue and its availability on the subscription platform.

Although Marvel has apparently worked hard to make this transition relatively seamless, it still illustrates the potential for chaos when digital content changes platforms. We don’t own any of this, so when parent companies mismanage apps, lay off workers, and change priorities, we’re left hoping that megacorporations want to do right by their customers—a worthwhile trust factor. worth keeping in mind at any time. you buy a comic, a game or any other digital media.

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