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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Constantine Reboot Actor Reacts To HBO Max Cancelation

Constantine reboot actor Sope Dirisu reacts to HBO Max’s show being canceled in favor of a new movie, wishing Keanu Reeves luck.

On the heels of being cast off, constantine Reboot actor Sope Dirisu shares his reaction to the HBO Max show’s cancellation. Created by Alan Moore, Steve Bissette, John Totleben, Jamie Delano and John Ridgway, John Constantine has come to the screen in a variety of projects over the years, beginning with the Keanu Reeves-directed film. constantine movie. Most recently, Matt Ryan played the character in a short-lived solo series for NBC before coming to the Arrowverse, bringing him to a close as the character on legends of tomorrow season 6, though still voicing Constantine in multiple animated movies.


With no solo project for the character in production, HBO Max began developing a constantine reboot show with JJ Abrams producing as part of his planned Justice League Dark universe for the streaming platform. The series, which was moving forward under the working title “Chimney”, was reportedly eyeing an early 2023 filming start date with the casting search centered on a black British male to play the title character, with His houseSope Dirisu has entered talks to star. Following the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, HBO Max underwent a major restructuring, resulting in multiple projects being canceled and scrapped, and now a star is sharing his thoughts on the latest news.

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After more than a year of being in development, this week brought news that HBO Max constantine The reboot had been scrapped in favor of Keanu Reeves. Constantine 2. say dirisu, who had been in talks to take on the role of the DC hero, subsequently took to Twitter to react to the news, sharing some fan art picturing an updated Reeves Constantine and wishing him luck on his return. Check out Dirisu’s respectful reaction below:

Reeves News Constantine 2 confirmed, complete with original director Francis Lawrence back at the helm, has received a divided response from audiences. Those who have praised the film since its initial release, and those who have joined the original film’s cult following over the years, were very excited by the announcement that Reeves finally got the sequel he had been waiting for a long time. Others, however, have expressed disappointment and confusion at Constantine 2‘s development, believing too much time has passed since the original film came out and citing its initial mixed reception as questionable, especially in the wake of the Bat girl movie cancellation.

Whichever side one is on, Sope Dirisu’s reaction to HBO Max constantine canceled reboot in favor of Keanu Reeves Constantine 2 is largely respectful, sharing his support for the john wick star to take back the mantle. With the sequel film also bringing with it the cancellation of the Mrs X show, it will be interesting to see if Abrams’ planned Justice League Dark universe continues to move forward on HBO Max, or if WBD will try to swing Reeves’ return to be part of the DC Extended Universe. While the public awaits more details on Constantine 2now you can rewatch the Reeves original movie streaming on HBO Max.

Font: say dirisu/Twitter

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