Costco – Marginal REVOLUTION

Venture into a Costco warehouse, a place more diverse than many universities or legislatures, and you’ll see shoppers from all walks of life flocking for consumer goods. Here, people of various faiths and backgrounds walk the aisles for the latest big-screen TVs, buckets of ice cream and rotisserie chickens, treating one another with respect, regardless of their beliefs. The only judgment issued is reserved for those who crash into the cars or try to skip the line. Departing from this peaceful and bustling consumer paradise, some may venture to their respective places of worship, while others stay and enjoy a drink and a $1.50 hot dog with friends. One family may commemorate a milestone with a baptism, another may celebrate a traditional rite of passage, while still others head to the ballpark in the comfort of their roomy SUVs. And as this diverse tapestry of personal journeys is woven, everyone finds fulfillment.

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