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Cyberpunk 2077: Ranking Every Possible Ending From Worst To Best

Thanks to the launch of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, cyberpunk 2077 has seen a resurgence in player activity and content. The last update regarding the content of the game was the announcement of the latest expansion of the title, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Freedom. Although the fact that it could be the last expansion of Cyberpunk is only based on the comments made by CD Projekt Red.

In any case, the expansion has a great opportunity to introduce new endings to the game’s already sizable roster of 6. It seems fitting that now is the time to look back at Cyberpunk endings and come to a consensus on which seems to be the best. , and the most logical for a cohesive story.

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6 path of least resistance

This ending is somber, extremely somber. Unlike any other ending, this one does not require the player to complete any of the side content needed to unlock other endings and is therefore the most likely for the single player-only main quest. With the chip stuck in his head, V’s only perceivable hope of survival is to raid the corporation that manufactured him. The problem is that such a task requires sacrifice. Unable to risk the lives of the people he cares about, V dumps the medicine on him and ends his life on a roof overlooking the city.

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His friends are devastated, and the player character dies without making a name for himself. This ending is basically a betrayal of everything up to this point. Each mission, each connection, the protagonist gives it his all until the end, but stumbles at the last step and the player finds himself with a completely empty ending. The worst part is that even the legendary Johnny Silverhand gives up trying to convince V and instead idly waits for death as well.

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5 Temperance

Temperance’s ending can be accessed by following two different paths in the game, either by attacking Arasaka Tower with the Mayors or with Rogue. After losing friends and fighting the legendary Adam Smasher, the player must make a decision. To achieve this ending, the player has to go through multiple side quests, but luckily they are considered the best side quests to complete in terms of rewards and story items.

In it, Alt Cunningham, or an AI version of her, promises V and Johnny that she can remove the chip from V’s head without killing him, which turns out to be quite false. In the end, Johnny takes over V’s body and continues to live in Night City until one day he packs up his things and takes a bus to travel to restart his life. This ending can only be achieved thanks to the sacrifice of the only person who tolerated Johnny, and is generally unsatisfying. Frankly, this is an ending that no one is happy with, most likely not even the player.

4 The devil

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This ending is about revenge, not the main character but another supporting character who is important to the plot of defeating Yorinobu Arasaka. Taking this ending basically means betraying Johnny and choosing to side with the corporation, Arasaka. In exchange for helping to avenge Saburo Arasaka, the protagonist is promised that the chip will be removed from his head using his advanced technology.

Related: 10 Best Games Like RollerdomeUltimately, the corporation fails to live up to that promise, either intentionally or perhaps because of an overestimation of its abilities. Instead, the player is locked in a space facility where they are tested every day for months. Whether the player chooses to return to Earth or allow his soul to be saved for another body, there will always be that bitter taste in the player’s mouth that ultimately betrays Johnny and everyone else’s hopes. The only silver lining to this ending is the fact that the latter may be a solution if Arasaka doesn’t go back on his words, which seems unlikely due to the relationships the player forms on that side.

3 Sun

The Sun ending deviates completely from the other endings. This time, the player has the option to give Johnny Silverhand full control of his body, and also gives him the chance to hear some of the best male voice acting performance in gaming. Johnny vows to break into Arasaka tower and find a way to take V’s chip away, enlisting the help of an old friend, Rogue, and another. But, of course, such a drastic plan comes with a great sacrifice, Rogue meets her end after blowing herself up in an attempt to kill the monster that hounded her for over 40 years, Adam Smasher.

With his death, you can pick up one of the best weapons in Cyberpunk. After that, the player can choose to give their body to Johnny or return to Earth and become the owner of the Afterlife bar. This ending answers a very important question at the beginning of the game, and that is whether V will live a quiet life or go out in a blaze of glory only to become a legend. This is one of the most satisfying endings as the player achieves what they set out to do, become a legend. They own the most famous bar in the city for fixers and live with everyone knowing that they were the person who messed with Arasaka and emerged victorious. And let’s not forget the hope at the end, where the possibility of finding a way for V to survive against the chip becomes even more apparent.

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two The star

To get this ending, the player must have completed all side quests with Panam, effectively making V a member of the Mayors. With that status, Panam offers the group’s support if V decides to ask them for help. By completing all the side quests beforehand, the party will have the resources to invade Arasaka’s tower using stolen weaponry and even a hover tank.

Related: Top 10 Video Games Where Dying Really MattersThe Aldecaldos are essentially a family, and in their community family is worth sacrificing their lives for. Choosing this path essentially means risking the lives of party members for a chance at survival. That opportunity was not successful, but all hope is not lost. The group migrates from Night City in hope as they head in the direction of a place they received rumors of that may save V. This ending is a positive one, and is proof to the player that building relationships by doing side quests is useful. It also fulfills the wishes of most of the characters, as everyone in the epilogue supports the player in their decision.

1 (Fear Not) The Reaper – Secret Ending

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This is one of the two endings where they all live. But compared to any other ending, this one is definitely the hardest. To unlock it, the player must have had a positive repertoire with Johnny throughout the game, which means agreeing with him most of the time and doing Rogue’s side quests to ease her regrets before dying. However, the cost of dying on this mission is extremely high. To continue this ending, choose nothing when asked who to invade Arasaka’s tower with, and eventually Johnny will provide the option to attack it alone.

cyberpunk 2077 it becomes one of the most difficult games to beat if the player chooses to play on the hardest difficulty. Dying just once during this mission greets the player with credits. It then forces them to reload a previous save. But it’s that overcoming of adversity that really makes it worthwhile, the hard work is rewarded by the fact that none of the friends you made along the way had to die. From there, the player can choose between the two endings, sacrifice his body, so that Johnny can come back to life, or follow the trail to the casino to see if it is really possible to survive, but this time, Rogue will be alive. If done successfully, this ending is the best with everyone surviving.

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