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DaBaby says song claiming to have sex with Megan Thee Stallion ‘has been done’ and ‘is what it is’

dababy maintains his claims that he has been sexually intimate with Megan Thee Stallion in the past. The rapper first brought up the accusation in his album’s teaser song. boogeyman last month. he rapped, “The day before she said Tory Lanez shot her, I was fucking Megan Thee Stallion.”

A few days after the song’s release, DaBaby released a music video featuring a cameo appearance by a Megan lookalike.

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The song received mixed reviews online with some people questioning the timing of the lyrics. DaBaby addressed her decision to come out about her alleged intimacy with the Houston Hottie during an interview with Ebro in the morning released on October 25.

“The song was made for real, almost almost a year,” DaBaby said. “And when I say something, it’s going to go off.”

But one of the hosts did not give up easily on the question of time. Rosenberg pressed the rapper and asked if there was a reason he decided to talk about sexual encounters now.

“It is what it is,” DaBaby replied. “I said a long time ago, keep me out of business.”

DaBaby says Megan’s mention wasn’t a response to anything

Despite his brief responses on the subject, DaBaby clarified that his lyrics were not a response to any situation.

“It’s a song, it’s out right now,” he said. “Black people can drink however they want to drink it. It’s a song, it’s out. It is what it is.”

After Ebro told the rapper that he likes controversy, DaBaby denied the innuendo. Instead, he claimed that he “I can’t bend over” and is not afraid of controversy. When the hosts suggested that he might have changed the lyrics, the artist claimed that it was out of his norm.

“I didn’t change the lyrics though. I’m dead**, I don’t change the lyrics. It doesn’t matter what I say,” DaBaby said. “I’m big on it, before I change a lyric I just won’t put out a song.”

DaBaby claims he’s not trying to intimidate Megan

After discussing DaBaby’s history of controversy, Rosenberg returned to the topic of Megan. He expressed that she feels back because it seems like a lot of men are trying to band together and harass the Houston rapper. But, DaBaby quickly interrupted the host, claiming that bullying is not his intention.

Although that is not my case. Seeing with me is actually the opposite. And I don’t even want to stir up all this shit, but I’m going to respond to what you said,” DaBaby told Rosenberg. “With me, it’s like a son of a bitch could never like me… someone who can read between the lines, shit is really said.”

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Between 2019 and 2021, DaBaby and Megan collaborated on a few tracks, including their collaborations on her hits. cry Baby Y Cash shit. At the time of publication, the cry Baby The music video had 111 million views.

Within weeks of the video’s release, the North Carolina rapper said he was “a businessman” when a Million Dollaz Worth of Game the host asked him about dating Megan.

DaBaby Says Friendship With Megan Soured After Tory Released Collaboration

But months later, Tory Lanez released the song TREASURE with DaBaby. And the collaboration apparently marked the end of Baby and Meg’s friendship.

“It gets weird with me when some motherfucker has a problem with me putting out a song. Well, not even putting out, and putting out a song that has a verse from me,” DaBaby said on Ebro in the morning. What do you want me to do? Based on what they’re supposedly going through, that’s none of my business. Some son of a bitch put me in his business, I didn’t get involved.”

Days after Tory’s release TREASUREDaBaby’s account shared a tweet claiming that he and Tory are friends because “They both shot someone and they don’t have to go to jail.”

After the backlash started pouring in, the rapper shared a screen recording on his Twitter claiming that “It’s not retweeting that dumb shit.” Less than 20 minutes later, Megan posted a subliminal tweet about men in the music industry and their private support and contradictory behavior in public.

She didn’t name DaBaby, but he responded directly and the two began exchanging tweets, with rapper Pardi finally chiming in on his lady’s behalf.

More than a month after the Twitter exchanges, DaBaby turned heads again when he invited Tory to perform during his Rolling Loud performance, right after Megan’s had finished.

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