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Danielle Maltby: 5 Things You Need To Know About The ‘BIP’ Contestant Who Falls For Michael Allio

Danielle Maltby

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Image Credit: ABC

  • Danielle Maltby participates in season 8 of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’.
  • After arriving during the second week, she hooked up with Michael Allio and they have been a couple ever since.
  • Danielle was previously on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 21 and ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 4.

Danielle Maltby Y miguel allius they go strong single in paradise! Danielle arrived before the second rose ceremony and instantly connected with Michael. With Danielle losing her fiancé to a drug overdose over 10 years ago and Michael’s wife dying of cancer in 2019, the two had a lot in common and were able to bond in a way they couldn’t with anyone else.

Danielle Maltby
Danielle Maltby on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’. (ABC)

Danielle gave Michael her rose at the second and third rose ceremony, and they have been spending quite a bit of time together at the beach. Although they are slowly emerging as one of the strongest couples in Paradise, they will soon have to decide what their relationship will be like after the show ends. Learn more about Danielle below:

1. What happened to Danielle on ‘The Bachelor’?

Danielle first met Bachelor Nation on the 21st season of The Bachelor in 2017 with Nick Viall. She got the first single date with Nick, who quickly fell in love with her sweet personality. During week five, Danielle got the group date rose and also got a second one-on-one with Nick during week seven. However, he sent Danielle home during that one-on-one date because he didn’t feel enough chemistry with her.

That summer, Danielle returned to the franchise for Season 4 of single in paradise. During her time on the show, fans expected her to strike up a romance with wells adamswho was a good friend of hers. However, her connection was strictly platonic and her Danielle left the show during the second week.

2. What does Danielle do at work?

Danielle worked as a neonatal nurse when she was in The Bachelor. Now, she is employed as a nurse injecting fillers, botox, etc., according to Instagram. She is also a co-host of the WoMed podcast with Jackie Camardo. The ladies launched the podcast in 2019 and cover healthcare topics on the show.

danielle malt by michael garlic
Danielle giving Michael her rose. (ABC)

3. What happened to Danielle’s fiancé?

Danielle was engaged to her fiancé for three months when he died of a drug overdose in 2011. She has been outspoken on The Bachelor Y single in paradise about her experience with grief and survivor’s guilt. She also revealed that she was the one who found her fiancé after her overdose, which was incredibly difficult for her.

4. Danielle dated a star from ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Defiance’

danielle went out Paulie Calafiorewho is known for appearing in The challenge Y Older brotherin 2018. That spring, Paulie filmed his first season of The challengewhere did you meet Dear Maria Sorbello. The two hooked up on the show behind Danielle’s back and continued to hang out after filming while he was still watching Danielle. In late 2018, Cara Maria and Danielle posted text messages showing that Paulie was trying to date both of them at the same time. However, Cara and Paulie eventually got back together and remain in a relationship to this day.

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5. Where does Danielle live?

Danielle is from Wisconsin but moved to Nashville after the death of her fiancé. She currently still lives in Nashville.

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