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DC Forms Its New Justice League by Killing a Fan-Favorite Hero

In DC: MECH #5, the newest version of the Justice League has united against Darkseid’s forces after the sacrifice of a major hero.

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Caveat! This post contains SPOILERS for DC: MECH #5

In the last number of DC: MECHANIC #5the most recent version of League of Justice has been formed in the aftermath of the death of an important hero. Uniting in this alternate DC Universe where mech suits have become the dominant power against Darkseid and his kaiju-sized Parademons, the Green Lantern Mech in particular and his twin pilots become a key defender against the Apokolips forces that have returned to Earth in this Pacific Rim-Universe inspired.


in the new DC: MECHANIC #5 by Kenny Porter and Baldemar Rivas, Green Lantern attempts to buy more time on Earth after an initial assault resulted in several deaths thanks to Darkseid’s son Kalibak. With Alan Scott’s lantern strapped to his engine, Hal Jordan pilots as John Stewart uses the ring, creating powerful defenses and constructs for his mech to wield. However, his battle with Kalibak causes Jordan to sacrifice himself so John can live. Returning to Earth after regrouping with the other pilots sworn to protect the planet, the team of clockwork heroes officially become the new Justice Squad, vowing to honor Hal’s sacrifice and take the fight to Apokolips.

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The Justice Squad unites after the death of Green Lantern

Hal Jordan's Green Lantern Sacrifice in DC Mech #5

Having attacked at the end of World War II with Earth defended by the Justice Society, Darkseid and his forces are finally ready to invade once more. However, the worldwide focus on mech building in the years since has resulted in a much stronger fighting force with superpowers being used in conjunction with massive machinery. Similarly, Kal-El’s Superman has just arrived in an alien robot of his own, receiving a reverse origin where he learned what it means to be human after becoming a hero.

While much of the series’ focus has been on Kal-El and his evolution into the mechanized Superman of this world, it’s nice to see such a strong arc for Hal Jordan and John Stewart, who had been piloting Green Lantern as a team for a long time. before. The Justice Squad unites. Hal’s sacrifice was incredibly tragic, yet it was exactly what the Squad needed to become the hero force the world needs. Likewise, Jordan’s confidence in John to keep fighting is also very touching.

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With Darkseid and Apokolips now at Earth’s gates, it will take everything the Justice Squad has to repel the gigantic paradedemons. Similarly, Hal’s absence means that John will likely have to pilot the robot and wield his Green Lantern ring simultaneously. I hope John and the rest of this new League of Justice ready for the challenge. DC: MECHANIC #5 is already on sale at DC Comics.

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