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DC Settles Spider-Man vs Batgirl With One Fight

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20220925 173724

When the Batgirls face an unpredictable villain, DC confirms a weapon that could give Spider-Man an advantage over Batgirl.

This article contains SPOILERS for Batgirls #10!

It’s been a while since DC Comics and Marvel had a crossover, but Batgirls #10 gives readers a good idea of ​​what a fight between Bat girl Y Spiderman It would seem. While Spider-Man tends to work alone, the Batgirls have a good thing right now, working as a team that includes Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain in the field while Barbara Gordon trains them as Oracle. Their combined efforts might be enough to take down the Spectacular Spider-Man, but one by one, it seems less likely.


Batman is widely considered to be one of the DC Universe’s greatest heroes, with a contingency plan for almost every situation. The Batgirls do the same thing and in some cases are even more dangerous and terrifying than Batman. When an unexpected competitor enters the ring, the Batgirls will have to improvise. And as many fans know, Spider-Man excels as an impromptu problem-solver. As one of Marvel’s most beloved heroes, one with Superpowers—Spider-Man may have an advantage over the Bat-family. In batgirlsDC confirms that there can only be one winner in this hypothetical battle.

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In Batgirls #10 by Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad, Neil Googe and Rico Renzi, the Batgirls have an unfortunate encounter with Killer Moth. Not usually a threat to Bats, Batman admits that he doesn’t even have a plan when it comes to Killer Moth. This time, Moth has upped his game, using a web gun that neither Steph nor Cass are prepared for. A synthetic silk compound, Killer Moth’s fluid web is eerily similar to the fan-favorite Marvel character: incredibly sticky and incredibly uncomfortable for anyone caught in it. When Killer Moth’s nets cause bats to swoop down on several fish boxes, Cass and Steph come to the conclusion that Moth deserves a spot on “Batgirls’ most wanted list”. It’s a good thing Spider-Man doesn’t exist in the DC universe because he would probably make the list too.

One of Spider-Man’s greatest assets in a hypothetical battle against the Batgirls is his unpredictability. The bat family are planners, but it’s hard to plan for situations they’ve never faced before. Not many vigilantes would assume that one day they might get caught like flies in a spider’s web. While many fans like to imagine what fun team-ups the likes of Nightwing and Spider-Man can have, Batgirls tend to be more cautious when allowing strangers to join their fold. Most of the superpowered beings in Gotham tend to be on the side of the villains, so Cass and Steph’s first encounter with Peter is likely to be a hit first, ask questions later.

JJ Jameson may be right about Spider-Man being a threat. Cities like Gotham are messy enough without cobwebs hanging everywhere. Now that the Batgirls have faced their first web-slinging adversary, they may be more prepared for future attacks. However, from now on, Spiderman most likely win Bat girl In a fight.

Batgirls #10 is now available digitally and in print from dccomics.

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