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Dead by Daylight Leaks Reveal Cheryl’s Magical Girl Outfit Is on the Way

Silent Hill 3 is a game full of chills, thrills, and a couple of silly surprises. By completing the game and typing the correct phrase on a typewriter, the player unlocks a magical girl outfit for the protagonist Heather. Heather spins her magic wand and turns into the magical girl Princess Heart, and the player can go through the silent hill 3 campaign with a cute outfit, cowboy boots and a powerful monster-killing peace ray.

Weather Silent Hill 3The story of came to a natural end, Heather lives through the asymmetrical horror game. dead by daylight. She’s known as Cheryl there, it’s a long history tied to secret identities and Silent Hill lore, but now she’ll be able to shake her Princess Heart strings.

A fan account dedicated to dead by daylight leaks shared on Twitter and Reddit that Cheryl’s Princess Heart game is coming to the game on November 3. Feng Min, another survivor, will also get her own Princess Heart outfit. Unfortunately, the costume doesn’t appear to come with Heather Beam, so you’re out of luck if you turn the corner and come face to face with Pyramid Head or Freddy Krueger.

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A recent Silent Hill showcase showcased a number of new titles coming to the long-dormant franchise, including Silent Hill: Fall of the city, silent hill nand a new version of silent hill 2. It’ll be a while before we can delve into these new games, but for now, dead by daylight offers one of the few ways to revisit classic horror games. Soon, players will be able to add a bit of a magical girl shine to the formula, though it might just make them more visible to deadly assassins on the hunt.

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