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“Did Jen Give Heather That Black Eye?”: RHOSLC Fans React To Discussion Over Heather And Jen’s “Cover Story” In Episode 12 Preview

Heather Gay’s black eye story has been the most anticipated segment of ROSLC season 3 since the mid-season trailer was released. The network recently shared a sneak peek/preview of the upcoming episode 12, where Heather and Jen Shah were seen discussing a “cover up” story.

The clip featured Heather showing Jen her black eye, leaving the latter in shock. Jen asked what happened, but Heather didn’t answer. The two of them were trying to figure out a story to tell everyone about the black eye.

Fans reacted to the sneak peek video online, claiming that Jen may have given Heather the black eye the night before when they were all super drunk.

Ok, did Jen give Heather that black eye? Cause that’s what she’s giving out of this sneak peek #RHOSLC

Viewers were curious as to who hurt Heather. They expected the incident to appear in episode 11, but it ended in a cliffhanger.

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Fans Predicted Jen Gave Heather The Black Eye

youtube cover

In the ROSLC Previewing Season 3 Episode 12, Jen Shah was shocked to see Heather Gay’s black eye. The two women then tried to make up cover stories, implying that Heather had no recollection of how this happened.

Viewers claimed that Heather was trying to cover for Jen, as the latter might have gotten a black eye when they were drunk the night before.

Check out the fan reactions:

Heather and Jen try to make up a “cover story” about how she got that black eye… 🕷️#rhoslc

Jen Shah definitely gave Heather the black eye 🤷‍♀️ #RHOSLC

I think it was Jen who gave Heather the black eye. #RHOSLC

Ohhh Jen 100% was the one who tagged Heather, it’s so obvious. #RHOSLC ❄️

So 2 theories about the black eye. Jen did it and Heather is protecting her or Whitney did. I thought she ran into those sticks in her room…they were kinda out there 🤷🏻‍♀️#RHOSLC

Oohh… this is giving off “Heather is covering for Jen Shah” vibes… supposedly (for good measure) lol the body language, the looks, the need to cover for “someone” What do you guys think? #RHOSLC

So Heather told Jen “come sleep with me in my room.” I predict Jen went into her room and something happened and now they’ll blame it on the alcohol. Those 2 keep secrets from each other! If it wasn’t for the obvious evidence of the blue eye, Heather wouldn’t even say it. #RHOSLC

I think it would be nice if Jen did this and Heather covered it. But, she looks to make it ridiculous and the editors live up to her shenanigans. #RHOSLC…

Here are my thoughts regarding @BravoTV this week…#RHOMiami I can’t wait for Lisa to end up with someone richer and sexier than Lenny, F him. #RHOSLC Jen is disgustingly manipulative and disgusting and I really miss Mary. We all know that Jen gave Heather the black eye, right?!

what it was ROSLC season 3 episode 12 preview what is it about?

In the ROSLC sneak peek/preview clip, Heather showed her black eye to Jen, who asked if it hurt. Jen then put some ice on Heather’s eye and then noticed that Heather also had some scratch marks on her arms.

With a shocked expression, Jen asked Heather what happened. In response, Heather said:

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“I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, Jen. Which is why I need you to help me figure out if anyone wants to talk about what really happened last night. We need a cover story, that’s what I’m saying right now.”

Jen replied:

“Like a spider laying eggs in your eyeball. Or you could have poison in your eye.”

Heather was irritated by Jen’s response. She the latter said that she was trying to analyze options.

In a confessional, Jen stated:

“I don’t understand how, what the hell happened? [Jen then guesses a few reasons] Heather ate peanuts and has a peanut allergy and rubbed her eyes. She swiped right on Tinder and invited someone and everything got difficult. Heather got into a fight in a bar. Bitch! You went out without me.

Heather further mentioned that she needed a good cover because she didn’t want any “little lady” to get into trouble. She then decided to tell everyone that she didn’t know what happened.

In the ROSLC clip, Heather texted Meredith Marks to come to her bedroom and revealed her black eye. Meredith couldn’t say a word due to the shock and then asked when this happened since they were with Heather until 4:00 am.

When Meredith arrived, Jen left after a while and asked her co-star to stay with Heather. Meredith asked the latter again what happened and hinted that Heather knew how she hurt herself. Heather kept saying that she didn’t want anyone to get in trouble.

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Hopefully viewers will learn the truth in ROSLC Season 3 Episode 12, airing Wednesday, December 21, 2022 on Bravo. In episode 11, the ladies flew to San Diago, where the drama began on the first day. It looks like the trip will end with Heather’s black eye story.

ROSLC airs new episodes every Wednesday at 8:00 pm ET on Bravo.

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