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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Find (& Catch) The Festive Fish

It’s the first holiday season for Disney Valley of Dreams Light, and the new update adds many new holiday fish that players can catch throughout the valley. Sure, they’re just pre-existing fish with Santa hats or mistletoe on their heads, but they should be fun to catch.

There are five Festive Fish in total: Festive Salmon, Festive Sea Bass, Festive Monkfish, Festive Squid, and Festive Fugu. Catching any of these fish requires Valley of the light of dreamsIt’s a fishing rod, but anyone who has been playing for a while should have this item. The festive fish will not enter the game until December 25thso any quests that require a festive fish should be postponed until then.

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Festive fish in the Valley of Dreamlight

Disney Dreamlight Valley Festive Fish Collection

EDITOR’S NOTE: The rest of this information is speculation only and should be treated as such. Time travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley will break the player’s save file and is not recommended in any way.

Festive fish spawn in Christmas colored fishing holes. These holes have red and green bubbles. Each fish has a specific biome that it can be found in, such as Dazzle Beach, home to shrimp in Disney Valley of Dreams Light. Players can only catch one of each type per day, which means they can get a maximum of five fish in one day. Fish spawn in the same biomes as their normal counterparts.

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festive salmon

sunlit plateau

festive bass

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peaceful meadow

festive monkfish

forgotten lands

Festive Squid

clear trust

festive fugu

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Dazzle Beach (while it rains)

Catching all five fish completes the “Even the fish are festive” quest. The reward for this quest is a Santa Hat for the player! Unfortunately, as the quest is not yet active at the time of this article, details about the festive fish are hazy.

These fish cannot be sold. However, certain players have reported that the Festive Fish appear as a wished-for gift for Valley of the light of dreamsIt’s Donald Duck. This suggests that more characters can order these funky fish. It is unknown if any fish can be used in recipes, but it is likely that they will act like their normal versions if they are.

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If players find themselves impatiently waiting for the festive fishing holes to appear in their game, there are already some festive quests available. “home for the holidays” requires players to place five festive items around their home to earn a winter rug. “Cookie Taste Test” involves baking and eating three different cookies. These could be “My Hero” cookies, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, Wonderland Cookies or Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies. The quest rewards a pair of Mickey’s Mint Ears. Lastly, the “Do you want to make a snowman?The quest has players build a snowman to earn mint Minnie ears with a little bow.

Disney Valley of Dreams Light happily provides its players with new Christmas content. As the holiday season progresses, players will have plenty to do, including catching the festive fish.

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    In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will create their own Disney avatar while interacting with some of the most iconic characters from Disney and Pixar history. The story revolves around the dream castle and the kingdom it resides in, which is a place where various characters, both heroes and villains, have lived together in harmony. However, an evil force known as Oblivion consumes the realm. It’s up to the player to solve puzzles, gather characters, and embark on feature-rich character stories to save the kingdom of dreams. Players can build their own Disney neighborhood: plant gardens, go fishing, build residences, or go on adventures in dark caverns, sail the seas, or navigate creepy forests. The choice belongs to the player as he traverses the various Disney worlds in this cozy game that takes notes from mainstays like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. Disney Dreamlight Valley was fully launched on September 6, 2022.

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