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Doctor Who’s Rose Tyler Actor Would’ve Changed Her Character’s Ending

Doctor Who actress Rose Tyler Billie Piper reveals how her character’s ending would have changed in the show’s season 4 episode, “Journey’s End”.

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doctor who star Billie Piper reveals how the ending of Rose Tyler and her final exit from the show would have changed. Piper first played the companion of the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) in season 1 of the revived series, remaining with the show when David Tennant took over the lead role as the Tenth Doctor in season 2, before leaving the series in ” Doomsday”. Piper returned as Rose in the season 4 two-part finale, “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End,” where she reunited with the Tenth Doctor to put an end to a Dalek plot that could have spelled the end of reality itself, before separating. one more time.


In an interview with buzzPiper opened up about her feelings about her last outing doctor who and revealed the one key detail he would change about Rose’s fate. While the star praised the work of showrunner Russell T Davies, Piper stated that she would prefer Rose leave the show with Tennant’s Doctor, rather than the part-human Doctor Meta-Crisis (also played by Tennant) in “Pete’s World.” parallel earth. Check out Piper’s full explanation below:

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“[I would change] the doctor who ends where I [as Rose Tyler] go with the second Doctor instead of the real Doctor to the parallel universe. it is not a criticism of [showrunner] Russell T Davies, because he’s the master, but I struggled with it. Mainly because the second Doctor is less good than the real one!”

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What happened to Rose after she left Doctor Who?

Rose Tyler Cropped

Although “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End” concluded Rose’s story arc and brought back many threads from Davies’s original. doctor who The tenure came to an end, the character making several appearances after his return to Bad Wolf Bay in “Pete’s World”. The Tenth Doctor visited Rose before he met her ninth incarnation in 2004 as part of her farewell to her former companions in 2010.The end of time, part 2Piper also returned to the series as The Moment, a sentient Time Lord weapon who takes on Rose’s image as the “Bad Wolf” in the 50th Anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor.” The Moment took the image of Rose. hoping that using her appearance could convince John Hurt’s war medic not to use the weapon to destroy Gallifrey at the end of the Time War.

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Time “doctor’s daymarked Piper’s last television appearance on the series, doctor whoExpanded media has explored the character’s additional standalone adventures in “Pete’s World”. In 2019, Big Finish Productions began production on a series of audio dramas starring Piper in the series “Rose Tyler”, exploring the characters’ journeys through alternate realities to reach the Doctor in “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End”. . Rose returned in the 2021 comic book miniseries “Empire of the Wolf,” where she joined forces with Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor and Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor to take on the Sontarans and an alternate version of herself as an intergalactic conqueror. . In the miniseries, it is revealed that Rose and Doctor Meta-Crisis, who has since taken the name “John Smith”, have raised a family together on the parallel Earth and are raising a daughter named Mia.

Rose Tyler is one of doctor whoPiper’s most recognizable and beloved companions, with Piper’s performance helping reintroduce the series to audiences after being absent from television screens for 16 years. As a newcomer to the Doctor’s lifestyle, Rose acted as an audience surrogate allowing viewers to slowly get to know the show, but gradually became a fully developed character as the series explored her home life and the past of she. With Piper open to the return of a Rose spinoff series, it’s clear that she’s still interested in the long-running sci-fi series. As such, with Piper suggesting a different ending for Rose Tyler, many a dedicated fan can imagine how. doctor who it might have been different if Rose had stayed with Tennant’s Doctor instead of staying in the alternate world.

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