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Does Drake really slip into DMs Chantel Everett? Here is the guide

Reports claim that Drake has been slipping into Chantel Everett’s DMs for most of the year.

Between her bitter divorce from Pedro Gimeno and Drake’s awkwardness about Rihanna’s pregnancy, one can see it.

fans an act You know Drake as a fan fiancé 90 days. He has communicated with other cast members in the past.

But does that mean he’s actually barking at the Chantel tree? What are his intentions?

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chantel everett looks great
Chantelle isn’t crazy about Pedro going to his family in the Dominican Republic, and she makes it clear that, at the very least, she wants him to stand up for her when they inevitably say negative things about her. Pedro will be away for a month. Chantel has real fears that she will lose her marriage.

If the report is to be believed, Drake has been in contact with Chantel Everett since this spring.

It was the same time of year when Chantelle family was filming. Her marriage was falling apart.

She was miserable. Pedro paid for the separation. In May, Pedro filed for divorce.

0719 chanteleverett pedrojimeno header
Does Drake really slip into DMs Chantel Everett? Here is the guide 96

We’re sure Chantel wanted a sympathetic ear at this time.

Her friends and family would qualify… but even if they didn’t say “I told you so,” it might sound implied.

It is no secret that many members of the Chantel family have … strong feelings About Pedro.

Chantel meets shocked
90 Days Fiancé: Is He Happy Forever? Superstar Chantelle meets ‘shocked’ over dinner with her family. Perhaps it is better that Pedro did not come.

Drake is a famous rapper. He is less well known for his history as an actor.

Many people will find it comforting, even tempting, to chat with someone with his or her level of fame.

This is true anytime – but especially for someone who is going through an ugly divorce and needs a distraction.

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Drake in 2016
Drake seems to be all business in this portrait of the beloved artist. It was taken from him back in 2016.

But… is that true? We only have one “real” report, and it’s not from TMZ or People or Sixth page. or even toom.

Neither Chantel nor Drake have commented on this, so it’s not as though either one is claiming – or denying.

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Chantel follows Drake on Instagram. Interestingly enough, he doesn’t seem to follow her back.

Darcy Silva in season 4
Does Drake really slip into DMs Chantel Everett? Here is the guide 97

Publicly, Drake follows Darcy Silva on Instagram.

In the past, Caesar has described Mac Drake communicating with him after his time on the show.

suppose that possible For Caesar feigned it … but why? If it was wrong, Drake had a year to deny it.

0812 thesinglelife caesarmack
90 Days: Season 3 will feature the single life of Cesar Mack, who continues to thirst after Ukrainian women specifically. (Image credit: Discovery Company)

As for Drake’s intentions, the report claiming that these conversations are ongoing covered that.

The conversations are allegedly friendly, and Chantelle is more interested in friendship than others.

However, the same alleged insider close to Drake predicted that he would eventually get a romantic or sexual relationship out of this.

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0719 chanteleverett 01
Does Drake really slip into DMs Chantel Everett? Here is the guide 98

This is a little scary.

But then Drake has a reputation for being more than a little creepy.

In fact, one of the most common jokes about these so-called DMs is to wonder if Chantel (several years younger than Drake) is “too old” for him. Because she is an adult.

Drake and Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown and Drake have a very close friendship. And millions of fans are creeping deep because of him.

Some have speculated that DMs are actually happening… but it’s not Drake, but a catfish.

This seems hard to believe

To be clear, it’s not hard to imagine Caesar falling in love with a catfish (sorry, Caesar). It’s hard to see that from Chantel, especially over the course of several months.

0726 pedrojimeno chanteleverett 01
Pedro Gimeno and Chantelle Everett discuss the rupture of their marriage and what led to their separation.

As noted earlier, for the time being, we view this report with skepticism.

It’s even possible, some fans speculate, that Chantel or a member of her family may have planted the rumor. For any reason? Who really knows.

If Chantel or Drake had a say in the matter, we’d have stronger ideas about the alleged direct messages. In a way or another.

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