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“Don’t think Modi has done this”: Mamata Banerjee on “Fear Of CBI”

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'Don't think Modi has done this': Mamata Banerjee on 'Fear CBI'


Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today exonerated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of businessmen coming under the radar of investigative agencies transiting the country. That blame, she added, should rest with “BJP leaders (who) are conspiring”, noting that the CBI now falls under the Union Home Office, controlled by Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

“Businessmen are leaving the country and fleeing. They are running away out of fear and misuse of the ED (Enforcement Directorate) and the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation). I think Modi has not done this,” he told the assembly. during a debate preceding a resolution against the central investigative agencies.

“Many of you don’t know that the CBI no longer reports to the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office). It reports to the Home Office. Some BJP leaders are plotting and go to the Nizam Palace frequently,” he added.

“By praising Prime Minister Modi, he cannot save his nephew,” Suvendu Adhikari of the BJP later said, pointing to the party’s senior leader and MP Abhishek Banerjee, who is being questioned by the Enforcement Directorate in connection with the scam. coal in the state.

Bengal took forward the opposition’s claim that the BJP-led government in the Center is using the central investigative agencies against opposition leaders by passing a resolution in the assembly against the CBI, ED and other federal agencies.

The resolution against the excesses of the central agencies was approved with 189 votes, 64 MLAs voted against.

Prime Minister Modi, he said, was guilty of listening to his advisers on the cheetah issue, launched with great fanfare by the prime minister on his birthday.

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“I advise the prime minister with all due respect. They advise him to stop funding for Bengal. Why don’t they advise him to stop buying cheetahs? Yesterday I wished the prime minister. I advise him not to mix party and government… He’s trying to control the nation using Pegasus. You’ll be slaughtered one day. Everyone’s phone is tracked,” Banerjee added.

But his sharpest attack was reserved for Suvendu Adhikari: his aide became enemy number one and the biggest BJP leader in the state.

Stating that the resolution is not intended to condemn anyone, he said it is about being “impartial.”
“How many raids have been carried out on your leader’s house?” Banerjee said during the lengthy debate that he preceded the vote, taking aim at Adhikari, who is wanted in several corruption cases.

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