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DS9’s Odo’s Forgotten Marriage To Lwaxana Troi Explained

The romantic history of Lwaxana Troi was well documented in Star Trek: The Next Generationbut it is less known that it appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine where she married the incumbent space station security chief, Agent Odo. Deep Space Nine’s proximity to the wormhole led to several diplomatic missions to the Gamma Quadrant, attracting the likes of Betazoid ambassador Lwaxana Troi (Majel Barrett), who formed an instant, one-sided attraction to Odo (Rene Auberjonois). Like Jean-Luc Picard before him, Odo had to deal with Lwaxana’s amorous intentions on several visits to the station, yet there was clearly a mutual friendship between them.


It was this friendship that led Odo and Lwaxana to marry in DS9 season 4, episode 21 “The muse”. DS9 season 4 introduced Worf and he began to amp up the Dominion War, so it’s no surprise that Odo and Lwaxana’s marriage is forgotten, especially since the character is mostly associated with T.N.G.. “The Muse” was the last on screen star trek appearance by Lwaxana Troi and the final live action appearance by Majel Barrett. This final appearance formed a poignant end to the story of Odo and Lwaxana and also established DS9The love story of Changeling and Major Kira.

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Explanation of Odo’s relationship, wedding and divorce with Lwaxana Troi

Odo and Lwaxana get married in DS9 Season 4 and Odo and Lwaxana get trapped in a turbolift in DS9 Season 1

Lwaxana Troi arrived on DS9 as part of a research mission in the Gamma Quadrant. Almost immediately upon arriving at the station, she had a precious brooch stolen from DS9’s Quark’s Bar, owned by the Ferengi. The thief was apprehended and Odo returned the jewels to Lwaxana, who was immediately attracted to the security officer that she is a shapeshifter. When the two were trapped together in a turbolift, they formed an intimate bond when Odo became the first person to see Lwaxana without a wig, and she used her skirt as a vessel in which Odo’s gelatinous state could regenerate.

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It was this special bond that led Lwaxana to seek Odo’s help with a delicate matter involving her unborn child and her new husband. As a Tavnian, she comes from a strict culture that divides the two sexes at birth, with fathers raising sons and mothers raising daughters. The culture of these Star Trek: DS9 the aliens meant that Lwaxana would have no part in her son’s life until he was 16 years old. Odo agreed to arrange a wedding with Lwaxana since, according to Tavnian culture, the unborn child would become her responsibility. Due to Odo and Lwaxana’s history together, her husband was convinced of her mutual love and approved of the marriage. Once the Tavnians had left the station, Lwaxana thanked Odo and returned to Betazed to prepare to give birth to her child.

Odo’s true love was the elder Kira

Nana Visitor as Kira and Rene Auberjonois as Odo in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The marriage of Odo and Lwaxana was a ruse to allow the latter to raise her son, free from Tavnian tradition. However, Lwaxana had an impact on Odo and made him feel more comfortable with who she was. She also realized that Odo was really in love with DS9’s older Kira Nerys and wished him luck. The two had known each other since the station was under Cardassian control, and over the years, Odo had developed romantic feelings for her.

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Odo took the romantic advice of holographic lounge singer Vic Fontaine (James Darren) in season 6, episode 20, “His Way” and eventually confessed his love for Kira. Odo and Kira remained in a relationship, weathering the storms of the Dominion War and the morphogenic virus used against Odo and his fellow Changelings. In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine finale, Odo left his true love behind in search of a higher purpose, healing Changelings and educating them on the positive aspects of solid lifeforms, presumably inspired by Kira and Lwaxana.

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