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Eagles achieve dominant NFL dominance for first time in 2022

Philadelphia Eagles runs the ball for a touchdown during the third quarter against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium on December 11, 2022 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

One NFL team that had a banner year in 2022 is the Philadelphia Eagles.

While few people saw them as a contender with Jalen Hurts as their quarterback, they are showing dominance this season.

With their last victory, the team achieves a first in 2022.

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Eagles now have a ticket to the NFL playoffs after their latest win

When the Eagles came into their game against the New York Giants on Sunday, all they needed was a win to clinch a playoff spot.

After their dominant 48-22 victory over the Giants, they have now clinched their ticket to the NFL playoffs this season.

They also become the first NFL team to do this in Week 14, while other teams are still fighting for a playoff spot.

While the win didn’t give them their division, it does at least secure them a playoff spot.

However, if the Eagles want to clinch their division, they must win against the Dallas Cowboys in two weeks.

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But even if they lose their game against the Cowboys, they have plenty of other scenarios to clinch the division.

At 12-1, the Eagles can clinch the NFC East with wins against their other three remaining opponents.

Since those opponents are the Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, and York Giants, the ultimate scenario isn’t difficult.

However, if the Cowboys lose any of their other three remaining games, it makes life easier for the Eagles.

While they have many ways to clinch their division, the easiest way is to beat the Cowboys in Dallas.

If they can do this, they’ll finish off the NFC East, just in time for their fans’ Christmas.

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