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Eddie Kingston Reveals Why There’s So Much Backstage Drama In AEW

Eddie Kingston has been involved in some of AEW’s backstage drama. He talked about why he thinks there has been so much trouble behind the scenes.

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AEW has had a lot of backstage drama in recent months, and Eddie Kingston has a theory as to why. The Mad King has had his fair share of trouble behind the curtain. Earlier this summer, he quietly served a suspension after he allegedly confronted Sammy Guevara after he went off the rails during a promo that was actually removed from All Elite Wrestling television. Kingston took to Twitter to admit that he was wrong in that particular situation, but that was far from an isolated incident. That’s not even the most recent example of Guevara picking on another wrestler backstage.


Speaking on the Eat Sleep Podcast Repeat, Kingston revealed why he thinks All Elite Wrestling continues to have these kinds of issues. “It’s very simple. You have a lot of people back there with egos. Some people believe that other people don’t deserve to be in AEW. Other people do believe that they deserve to be in AEW. So when you have a bunch of guys, men and women, who don’t know how to use their words? [chuckles] Things are going to happen in the back.(h/t and thanks to Jim Parsons of for the transcript)

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AEW has gone to great lengths to deal with growing pains

There would always be a honeymoon period for AEW, and then there would always be growing pains. Tony Khan has been very busy with everything that has happened in All Elite Wrestling this summer. To his (and the company’s) credit, they have remained fearless. Completely and what happened after CM Punk’s atomic bomb media availability could have blown all the wind out of All Elite Wrestling’s sails. And while it’s certainly far from ideal, Tony Khan and AEW proved that no man or woman is more important than the brand itself.

In recent weeks, AEW has shown that it can be successful without Punk, Kenny Omega or The Young Bucks. Their ratings haven’t grown without them, but they haven’t been affected either. Obviously the preference would be to have all hands in the deck, but it’s been quite some time since Khan had access to most of his best players. Adam Cole hasn’t wrestled since forbidden door, while Hangman Adam Page was involved in a terrifying incident last week that saw him being stretchered out of Dynamite. Add in injuries to Thunder Rosa, Ruby Soho and Kris Statlander, and AEW has been left in scramble mode for most of 2022.

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That has led to some backstage tension, as performers compete for the backstage pull and Khan’s ear. As Eddie Kingston said, there are a lot of egos that need to be managed. The most interesting aspect of his comment is that there are apparently two camps forming behind the scenes at AEW. Those kinds of cliques can be bad for business. It will be interesting to see if the emerging leadership group of Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho, and Bryan Danielson can prevent further trouble from happening behind the scenes at AEW.

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