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Elden Ring Is Actually Easy, Because You Can One-Shot Kill Every Boss

elden ring, a game known for having the common difficulty of FromSoftware titles, has 165 bosses and all of them can be killed with a single shot. In a game with notoriously difficult boss fights, it’s not surprising that players find strategies and glitches to make bosses easier to kill, or allow them to be effectively skipped in the case of mandatory fights. Since there is a wide variety when it comes to viable builds, players can use different strategies to make their way in one fell swoop. elden ring.


Of the 165 chiefs in elden ring, only 12 need to be defeated to complete the game. It is possible to beat most of the bosses in elden ring with glitches, but using a glitch to beat a boss isn’t always the same as shooting the boss, as some glitches cause the boss’s AI to never activate, making it not a real fight. However, with the help of various buffs and talismans, all 165 bosses can be a one-shot kill. For bosses with multiple health bars due to phasing, players tend to consider it a one-shot kill if each health bar goes down with a single attack.

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Players like Ray Dhimitri and Bushy on YouTube took on the challenge of taking down all the bosses in one go. elden ring. But not all the strategies they use in their videos are still viable because elden ring it is continually being patched and some unique methods have been fixed. However, RageGamingVideos on YouTube showed a build for patch version 1.06 of elden ring which is able to shoot all bosses in one shot.

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Preparation is the key to taking down every Elden Ring boss.

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Starting a new Plus game elden ring The game will make it easier for players to challenge themselves to defeat each boss. RageGamingVideos uses a build that focuses on the Marais Executioner’s Sword, but it’s not the only viable option in patch 1.06. Other useful items include the Ax Talisman, which Bushy uses in his build with the Giant Crusher as his main weapon.

The real preparation before each boss is applying buffs. Perks from the same category do not stack, so a player cannot have two weapon perks active at the same time, but it is possible to have one perk from each category active along with unique perks. Since unique perks don’t belong to any specific category, they can be stacked with each other. The one-hit-kill-all-bosses challenge could see viable new builds depending on equipment added. elden ring DLC, or the challenge could be made more difficult due to the bosses that DLC could add.

elden ring has many bosses, and all of them can be killed with a single shot, or with one shot per boss phase for those with multiple. It’s not an easy task for a first game, but the techniques used for one-shot bosses can help make fights easier for new players. As FromSoftware patches and balances items, there may be bosses that can no longer be killed with one shot in a future version of elden ring.

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Sources: Ray Dhimitri/YouTube, Bushy/YouTube, RageGamingVideos/YouTube

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