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Elden Ring: The Best PvP Builds for United Combat

Newly crowned Game of the Year ancient ring has recently received its first DLC in its latest update. The completely free Colosseum DLC adds a variety of PvP arenas to the game that allows the Tarnished to battle each other under strict rules to compete for dominance.

In the three new arenas in Lands Between, players will be able to fight in honorable one-on-one duels, fight for free for all six-player remnants, or fight in 3-on-3 teams in United Combat. United Combat is sure to be one of the most popular modes available, bringing back the mode of dark souls 3 where he found significant success. It also provides a refreshing new way to play cooperatively in a game that is generally quite solitary and dependent on individual skills and builds. As such, it can be expected that there will be specific builds that perform better and a new meta for ancient ring it will probably form around these sands. Below are some of the best ideas for builds to bring to the Limgrave Colosseum.

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How to make builds for Elden Ring United Combat

Two players fighting in Elden Ring PvP mode

Coordination with allies is what will get Tarnished through elden ring New United Combat modes, so while it is advisable to prepare a certain setup for maximum efficiency, it is also important that any setup be flexible in the arena. This means bringing a variety of weapons and talismans, as well as a good range of spells and abilities to be able to adapt to an opponent’s build if necessary, which can work with any ‘Main Build’ of a player.

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It’s also important to note that players only have access to one health flask and FP flask per life, meaning builds will have to fix that. Pure Sorcery or Faith builds are generally discouraged due to the lack of FP regeneration. A workaround is to use talismans that increase HP or FP regen, healing enchantments like Lord’s Heal, which can be purchased from an enchantment trainer after giving them the ability. Two Finger Prayer Book.

Good talismans like him Assassin’s Crimson Dagger and the Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger they are great for builds that get a lot of critical hit chances and can be a semi-reliable source of health and FP regen mid-fight. The crimson variant is dropped by the assassin in the Catacombs touched by deathwhile the cerulean is dropped by the one from the Black Knife Catacombs, behind an illusory wall.

At least one player must always take the regression law I conjure, ideally. While this is an expensive investment for your build by requiring 37 intelligence, you can completely shut down most builds by negating all buffs, debuffs, and ailments. Acquired from enchantment trainers who have been given the Principles of the Golden Order. This enchantment is bound to see competitive use in ancient ring‘s Colosseums, as it has in the general PvP scene. A good intelligence character on a well-coordinated team could use this enchantment to devastating effect.

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Best Elden Ring Bleed Compilation For United Combat

Elden Ring players with Spirit Ash summons in a PvP Colosseum.

In terms of individual builds, the concept of a goal team in the ancient ring Arena hasn’t been well defined yet, but most Tarnisheds will want to stick with builds that have proven successful in other arenas, especially ones with strong crowd control. Bleed builds, while less popular than they were at launch, are still incredibly powerful and make a build around the amazing rivers of blood katana continues to be a popular choice for a large build. He has wide bars, fast attack speed, and an amazing crowd control ability in corpse arrowswhich can cause ‘blood loss’ in a single combo and rack up kills in the arena.

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Bleed builds should primarily focus on Vigor and Arcane, with buffed Dexterity and Stamina to allow them to wield their weapons and also keep up their assault without running out of Stamina. There are many good bleeding talismans in ancient ringbut the best for an arena competition will usually need a boost or regen item to their HP, as mentioned above, along with the basic Talismans to bleed, such as fragment of alexander, Exultation of the Blood Lord Y Marika’s Seal of Pain. This can be combined with the white mask hats for big power ups with ‘Blood Loss’ procs and high damage.

Katana Moonveil built for the Elden Ring Coliseum

The Moon Veil Katana in Elden Ring

the Moon Veil Katana building has been another staple of ancient ring since it was first discovered. It can be a great ‘magic sword’ build, with high intelligence and a great katana that scales from it. It is usually combined with Lusat Brilliant Stone Staff as a catalyst to get as much damage as possible, combined with spells like blue kite Y Adula’s Moonblade. It might be better to take fewer FP heavy spells for arena, with limited FP regeneration. Additionally, this build can pick up an intelligence-reducing sigil, such as the Seal of the Golden Order either Frenzied Flamesealand they use some support enchantments to support their teammates, like the one mentioned above regression law.

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This build should focus on intelligence, dexterity, and stamina relatively equally. Some investment in Stamina will never do damage in arena since PvP in ancient ring requires a lot of rolling and maneuvering. Players must wear light armor along with trinkets that increase FP. A basic is the Carian filigree crestwhich reduces the FP cost of skills, which is great for moon veilthe ability of transient moonlight. the Cerulean Amber Medallion it gives a flat boost to FP, making it another great option. This build also benefits from damage reduction and high balance, so you can build up your abilities and spells when teammates can’t slow down the opponent. For this reason, damage-reducing trinkets like the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman It works very well

Backline Support Build for Elden Ring

An image of an Elden Ring character wearing the Furious Wolf outfit

The perfect use of the team format is to have a backline player finish off high damage attacks while protected by his teammates to take out the opposing team in one hit. There is no better construction for this than a Holy Relic Sword build up. This endgame sword can only be obtained after defeating the final boss of ancient ringthe elven beastbut well worth it. While his actual normal attack damage is quite low, his unique ability, wave of gold, Fires a large projectile from the sword, dealing damage to anything in its path. This projectile scales heavily from Faith exclusively.

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Naturally, Tarnished should level Faith up a lot for this build, along with Dexterity and Vigor. It’s also worth investing some points into Stamina and Spirit to ensure enough FP to use the ability continuously along with enough stamina to wait for the opportunity to use it. This build should value survivability first and foremost, so wear heavy armor like Haligtree set resist damage and maintain balance. ancient ring has a pretty standard talisman meta, so using Dragoncrest Shield Talisman, Carian filigree crest and the fragment of alexander they are all good bets for equipping talismans.

This build has the added benefit of being able to function as a support for the rest of the team with its high faith stats, so it can bring heals and buffs to support the group from the backline. This will undoubtedly become an invaluable part of ancient ring‘s goal in these United Combats in the future.

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    Elden Ring is the next big game released by From Software, creators of games like Armored Core, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne. Players take on the role of a Tarnished One, a being once exiled to the Middle Lands who has returned to repair Elden Ring after the events of “The Shattering”. “The Shattering” occurred when Queen Marika’s offspring fought to claim the shards of the Elden Ring, known as the Great Runes. Their war has brought anarchy, destruction, and chaos to the land, and the player will challenge them with the help of a Maiden known as Melina as they journey to the great Erd Tree to face her fate and become the true Elden Lord. Players can approach the game however they choose and can venture across the realms while building their character however they want, whether it’s a powerful magic caster or a brutal swordsman, they’ll have full control over their build. Elden Ring is the company’s most successful “Souls” game and is expected to release DLC in the future.

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