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Elon Musk asks Twitter to vote on whether to resign

Musk conducts a Twitter poll on his leadership after backlash over new policy banning “free promotion” of other platforms.

Elon Musk has asked Twitter users to vote on whether he should step down as head of the social media platform, following backlash over the company’s latest controversial policy change.

“Should I resign as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of this survey,” Musk tweeted on Sunday.

“As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for as you just might get it,” Musk added in a subsequent tweet.

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As of early Monday morning, the poll had received nearly 10.5 million votes, with users voting between 56.3 and 43.7 percent in favor of Musk.

Musk’s survey came after Twitter’s announcement that it would no longer allow “free promotion” of other social media platforms sparked backlash among users.

In the latest controversial policy change, Twitter said in a statement on Sunday that users will no longer be able to post usernames and account links for other social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Mastodon.

The move was the latest in a series of pushback decisions by Twitter, following the suspension last week of more than half a dozen journalists reporting on Musk.

Musk, who also runs Tesla and several other start-ups, suspended the journalists after accusing the media of endangering his family by revealing information about his location.

Musk made the claim after reviewing the site’s doxing rules to ban accounts that track private planes, including his private jet.

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Flight tracking data collected by the United States Federal Aviation Administration is public information and is shared online on private websites such as FlightAware and Flightradar24.

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Over the weekend, Twitter reinstated most of the suspended accounts after Musk asked users to vote on lifting the suspensions immediately or in seven days.

Since taking over Twitter in a $44 billion deal in October, Musk has become a lightning rod for debate about free speech, online safety and the role of social media in democracy.

Musk, a self-described free speech absolutist, has vowed to open the platform to a greater diversity of viewpoints and address what he has characterized as the site’s liberal bias.

Critics have accused Musk of allowing hate speech to flourish on the platform and of censoring criticism he doesn’t like.

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