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Every James Bond Actor’s Highest-Grossing 007 Movie, Ranked

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James Bond movies have always been successful at the box office, but some have grossed more money than others. The highest-grossing film for each 007 actor hasn’t always been the most critically acclaimed. In fact, some universally panned Bond movies, like the one starring Roger Moore. moon rake and the one starring Pierce Brosnan die another day – have outperformed their stars at the box office.

From Sean Connery’s 1965 hit thunder to Daniel Craig’s $1 billion grossing record heavy rainevery Bond actor has a movie that outperformed all others.


6 George Lazenby – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service ($82,000,000)

George Lazenby didn’t just appear in a single Bond film; that bond movie, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, also grossed less money than the most successful films by any other Bond actor. But that supposed failure can be attributed to inflation. According to The numbers, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service it grossed $82 million.

That’s not a huge box office hit by today’s standards, but it was a big dollar hit of 1969. The 007 adventure, starring Lazenby, was one of the biggest box office hits of the year, along with New Hollywood classics like easy rider, midnight cowboyY Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

5 Sean Connery – Ball of Thunder ($141,200,000)

Sean Connery’s original run as Bond got off to a fantastic start with three untouchable masterpieces, each one even better than the last: doctor not, From Russia with loveY gold finger. The series finally began to falter with its fourth installment, thunderbut that’s where Connery’s box office success peaked.

According to The numbers, thunder grossed $141.2 million, making it the third-highest-grossing film of 1965 after The sound of the music Y doctor zivago.

4 Timothy Dalton – The Living Daylights ($191,200,000)

Timothy Dalton only starred in two Bond movies, but both were successful at the box office. His dark and brooding version of the 007 character polarized fans of the films, but fans of the original novels considered it his most faithful interpretation to date. According to The numbersDalton’s first Bond film, the living daylightsit was the most successful, grossing $191.2 million.

no wonder that the living daylights made more money than Dalton’s second and final Bond film, license to kill. license to kill it is the only Bond film to receive the most prohibitive rating of 15 from the BBFC, and was highly controversial for its violent content.

3 Roger Moore – Moonraker ($210,300,000)

The Roger Moore era of the Bond franchise, which spanned from the 1970s to the 1980s, followed the trends of the contemporary genre. Live and Let Die was a blaxploitation Bond movie that capitalized on Pam Grier’s popular action-packed gems with a Harlem drug lord as the villain. The man with the golden gun was a martial arts Bond film that was based on Bruce Lee’s kung fu classics with a focus on hand-to-hand fighting scenes. moon rake was a sci-fi Bond movie that sent 007 into the cosmos to cash in on the unexpected success of George Lucas’ iconic space opera Star Wars.

Based on the book by Alex Ben Block and Lucy Autrey Wilson George Lucas’s blockbustercopying Star Wars it paid off handsomely for the Bond producers. moon rakeBond’s journey into space was considered too far-fetched by some Bond fans, but it became the biggest box office hit of the Moore era with a massive worldwide gross of $210.3 million.

two Pierce Brosnan – Die Another Day ($431,942,139)

Pierce Brosnan’s last film in the role of 007, die another day, received the most negative reviews of the actor’s four-film tenure. It was widely criticized for its nonsensical plot and its reliance on CGI effects in sequences such as tsunami waves. But according to The numbers, also made the most money at the box office. Brosnan’s first three Bond films grossed more than $300 million, but die another day He broke the $400 million barrier with a grand total of $431,942,139.

A Bond movie hadn’t been this dumb since Moore’s tenure. There are some highlights in die another day to which one can attribute its commercial success, such as its thrillingly cold opening set in North Korea and Halle Berry’s fan-favorite turn as badass “Bond girl” Jinx Johnson.

1 Daniel Craig – Skyfall ($1,108,561,013)

Each of Daniel Craig’s Bond films was a huge commercial success, even the last one, no time to die, released while the effects of the pandemic were still affecting the big-budget box office chances. But the highest-grossing Bond movie starring Craig, by quite a wide margin, was his third outing, heavy rain. According to Mojo box office, heavy rain it grossed $1,108,561,013 at the worldwide box office. It became the first (and, so far, only) Bond film to cross the $1 billion threshold.

Director Sam Mendes brought back the series’ classic sense of fun after the sad and disappointing amount of consolation. heavy rain maintained the stark realism established by Royal Casino, but it also adhered to the hallmarks of the franchise that Craig’s films had previously removed. The Aston Martin, Q Branch gadgets, and witty one-liners returned in heavy rainand this fan service paid off at the box office.

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