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Every Naruto And Boruto Announcement From Jump Festa 2023

The Jump Festa 2023 Naruto and Boruto panel had some interesting news to share, even if it wasn’t what fans were expecting.

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naruto Y boruto They were the stars of the first day of the Jump Festa 2023, with a long panel full of announcements. While the news wasn’t what fans were expecting, there are still plenty of exciting initiatives in 2023 for naruto Y boruto.

On the first day of Jump Festa 2023, three of the iconic Japanese voice actors from the anime Naruto and Boruto took the stage to share the latest news about the beloved franchise with the world. First, naruto will hold a new popularity contest in early 2023, called “NARUTOP99”, which will allow fans around the world to vote for their favorite from an impressive list of more than 400 characters. A naruto Musical was also announced, called “naruto the living“, which will feature many groups and artists who performed songs from the anime. Finally, two big announcements about the boruto animes were made The popular light novel and manga. sasuke’s story will be adapted to the anime starting in January 2023, while the current Code Strike Arc from the boruto The manga will start the anime in February.


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Jump Festa is an annual manga and anime convention sponsored by Shueisha (the publisher of the various Jump magazines), used to announce important news about the most popular franchises. naruto Y boruto of course it figured prominently in the 2023 edition, appearing in the penultimate panel of the first day (December 17), just before my hero academia. Introducing duties were assigned to the voice actors for the three most important characters in the two anime: Junko Takeuchi (Naruto), Noriaki Sugiyama (Sasuke), and Yuko Sanpei (Boruto). Chie Nakamura, who voices Sakura, had to withdraw from the convention but wrote a letter to fans.

the naruto The anime remake won’t be coming after all, but sasuke’s story It is

Visual for Sasuke's story in the Boruto anime.

Expectations were high around this panel because 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the naruto anime Some fans believed a new version of the anime would be announced, following the beautiful tribute video Studio Pierrot created for the anniversary, showcasing some of the most iconic scenes from the series, remade with modern tools and technology. However, the announcements made were actually a bit disappointing. The popularity contest will be held using the official Naruto website and will be open until January 31, 2023. Fans can cast one vote each day, and this is the first popularity contest open to everyone. More importantly, the main character will appear in a new manga drawn by Masashi Kishimoto, who also created a special illustration, which is displayed during the event. While it’s exciting that Kishimoto will be drawing a new manga, no more details are available about it.

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Final announcements were reserved for the boruto anime Although the news of the adaptation of sasuke’s story It was already leaked a few days before the Jump Festa, the announcement of the code attack arc it’s actual news. This is the last story arc in the boruto manga, which has introduced new and controversial characters like Eida and Daemon. The fans were waiting for the boruto anime to catch up with the manga, after a long series of filler episodes, and they finally have a date: February 2023. While Jump Festa didn’t deliver the announcement fans were hoping for, there are still plenty of exciting new projects on the way. to come. naruto Y boruto in 2023.

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