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Every new Overwatch 2 change, explained

After years of waiting, not to mention a slower than usual update rate, surveillance 2 it’s finally here to replace the original from 2016. But what was all that waiting for? What changes has Blizzard made to help the series make the leap from Supervision a Supervision two?

In this guide, we have listed all the most important changes in surveillance 2 to help you jump again without missing a beat.

The free-to-play model

The largest and most noticeable change in surveillance 2 is that it is free-to-play. All you need to do if you want to participate is go to your console store (or the app on PC) and download the game. No more convincing your friends to buy Overwatch just so you can play together.

Unsurprisingly, though, that free-to-play tag comes with stronger monetization tactics from Blizzard, like locking down new heroes behind the new battle pass system, which we’ll look at below.

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the battle pass

The Mythic Cyber ​​Demon Genji skin dashes towards the camera and releases throwing stars.  His skin has pink accents, green hair, and a demon mask and is set in a cyberpunk city.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

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Blizzard has completely changed supervision economy in surveillance 2. Instead of loot boxes, you’ll be able to complete special challenges to level up a battle pass, like many other modern shooters. New cosmetics come from the battle pass, as do new heroes, like Kiriko. Once you complete the battle pass, you unlock a new type of skin called mythical (Genji will get the first), which is fully customizable and looks amazing.

The battle pass also only lasts a couple of months, and then Blizzard will replace it with a new one (making previous rewards inaccessible). so ideally surveillance 2 you should see updates much more frequently than the original.

5v5 multiplayer

One of the biggest changes Blizzard is making with surveillance 2 is how many players there will be in a given match. where the original Supervision offered multiplayer matches with two teams of six players, surveillance 2 instead of wells two teams of five against each other. This divides teams into one tank, two damage dealers, and two support characters.

new heroes

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A roadmap for Overwatch 2 Season 1, including all major content updates, as well as previews of new in-game cosmetics and characters like Kiriko.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

surveillance 2 adds three new heroes to the series. To dwell is a Soldier 76-style damage hero, playing more like a traditional shooter character than other Overwatch heroes. Junker Queen it is a tank that is all about bleeding enemies to help you heal more. Y It’s there is a new support that can summon a fox to help increase the attack speed of its allies.

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new maps

surveillance 2 launches with six new maps. Some of these are mode specific; others are hybrids. In typical Overwatch fashion, these maps are set in various locations in the real world. Here’s the full list of new maps coming on October 4:

  • new queen street
  • actual circuit
  • Coliseum
  • City center
  • Paradise
  • Hope

a new mode

Push is the new way surveillance 2, and works as a two-sided payload match. The idea is that there are two barricades that spawn in the middle of the map, one for each team. In the middle of the barricades is a robot that players can command by standing next to it. The robot will push the barricade towards the enemy of the controlling team, and the goal is to push your enemy’s barricade back to their base of operations.

The problem here is that the barricades stay still even if another team takes control of the robot. So while the goal is to get deep into enemy territory, all you need to do to win is make the robot push the barricade a little further than your enemy did. It’s a frantic mode that’s very momentum based and often timed.

An old mode removed

The original Supervision it had a mode called Assault, or two-point capture. This mode has been removed with surveillance 2.

If you don’t remember Assault, it was the game mode where there were multiple capture points. The attackers would have to assault these points, while the defenders would have to defend. It appeared on the Hanamura, Volskaya Industries, and Temple of Anubis maps.

Hero reworks and new role traits.

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Orisa, a mechanical robot, throws a javelin spear at the camera, showing off her new abilities in Overwatch 2

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Tons of heroes in surveillance 2 got a few minor changes, while a handful received complete reworks. Bastion no longer has a stationary turret mode, Idol can throw javelins doomfist is a tank, and more. Depending on when you stopped playing the original Supervisionyou might notice some serious changes in the whole list, like mercy ability to resurrect allies without using their ultimate.

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In addition to individual hero updates, all heroes now have a role-specific perk that they all share. Damaged characters gain increased movement and reload speed after killing an enemy, tanks are harder to take down, and supports now heal over time.

even more cosmetics

There are a lot of new cosmetics in surveillance 2, and you’ll get them in new ways (as we mentioned above). But there is also news types of cosmetics this time. There are weapon charms that you can attach to your weapons (or your character’s hand, if they don’t use weapons), memorabilia that you can have your characters hold like emotes, and the new mythic skin we mentioned. up.

Each new battle pass will feature these types of items, as well as regular skins, banners, and more, each season.

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