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(Exclusive) Travis Porter Details Adidas Never Gave Them A Check Despite Their Influence: “We Had Everyone In Atlanta At Adidas”

For those of you who rocked with travis goalkeeper back in 2010, when they signed to Jive Records, you may remember that this three-man band was often mistaken for one person.

Best known for their hit songs ‘Bring It Back’, ‘Ayy Ladies’ and ‘Make It Rain’, this group made a name for themselves through these club anthems and neighborhood classics. The group consists of stepbrothers Ali and Quez, and their lifelong friend Strap, whom they met at school.

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Travis Porter recently walked backstage to The Shade Room at the Millennium Tour in Dallas, Texas with interviewer Taylor Bickham to blow off some steam. He discussed everything he can think of: the origin of his name, his thoughts on not getting the flowers they deserved, his relationship with Adidas, which artist helped expose them to a different market of fans, the Millennium Tour and more!

Interviewer: How have they been?

Belt: Working, busy. tour of life
Ask: We have been great. We have been enjoying life. We’ve been having fun yet. That’s the best part of all this. We’ve been having fun.

Interviewer: A lot of people want to know why Travis Porter is such a singular name and you guys are a three person band.

Ask: we do everything the same
Belt: We are the same person. 3 times!
Ask: We are three but we are the same person. we look a little different
Ali: We don’t all have the same girlfriend.

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Interviewer: Many people refer to you as the “original Migos”. How do you feel about it?

Belt: I would just say that we are the original three-man rap group. Of course they always compare the next people who come after, but we have our own lane and we always stay in our own lane.

Interviewer: So you guys are saying everyone goes outside the box?

Belt: We outside, outside. Look at our name! Straight out of the box. Straight out of the bowl.

Interviewer: Have you ever broken up?

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Ask: As a group we did it. it wasn’t like…
Belt: it was not so
Ask: They n—- weren’t screwed with me. It wasn’t shit like that. We were all like “fine, great.” Let’s pause.
Belt: We were just living life
Ask: It was like… we can’t get to the studio. Why do we keep talking about the study? We have newborn children. You know sh- so. So it’s a bit difficult for active parents to get into the study. Strap: All the time
Ask: For it to be worth it. Because the way we make music is like day after day, not like in and out. We could sleep in this son of a bitch. But you know, the baby mama might have a problem with that two nights in a row. Wondering where the hell have you been?

Interviewer: With all of you taking that music break, do you have any regrets?

Ask: I don’t think we regret it. I feel like this is even the fun part of it all. This was the funniest part of us, even being in the rap industry. The routine to go to the next level. This is fun. I feel like a challenge is always good and things aren’t as easy as hell. Although we receive love everywhere, the love is still there. But, it’s right where people see you in their minds. I feel that this is the best time for us. We love to grind. We love being on the road. We love to put out music. We love ridicule and when people say “that’s not it” so we can go harder.
Belt: We are good with constructive criticism.

Travis Porter gives his thoughts on Adidas and Kayne West

Interviewer: It seems that many people on social networks are not clear about your song ‘ADIDAS’. Is it the Adidas brand or is it the acronym “All Day I Dream About Sex”, as it says in the song?

Belt: I thought we played both ways. we did it both ways
Ask: yes, double meaning
Belt: Shout out to the producer who made it. It was a very good production. That’s like one of our favorite fan songs.
Ask: i was telling him [interviewer] that. At that time we were changing the culture in Atlanta. So, we had everyone at Adidas, but Adidas never gave us a check.
Belt: They showed love.
Ask: They gave us free clothes
Belt: But, everyone gives us shit for free—
Ask: But guess that? After that, in 2014, that’s when Adidas started hiring rappers. That’s when I was like, “wait.”
Belt: We were before the wave
Ask: They did Big Sean and a couple of other n—–s and we were like, “bro…wait man.” We started at “A” and they looked over Travis Porter. As always, you know how that goes.

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Interviewer: How do you feel about Adidas dropping their partnership with Kanye West?

Ask: Did they drop it?
Ali: Man, I don’t like it.
Ask: I don’t like it either. I feel like people should be able to separate the art from the person. I can do it.

Interviewer: In all aspects? Even in situations like, R. Kelly?

Question: Definitely listening to R. Kelly in the crib. I’m playing R. Kelly in the car. I can tell the difference between the artist and the music. I can differentiate the two.
Ali: You can’t leave someone who brought you back to life.
Ask: If they were screwed with him, they need to keep screwing with him. Aren’t they fucking with him because of his personal views? But, you guys were already screwed with him. So you guys just didn’t know this about him or something? Are sales falling? I don’t know. I feel like they’re tripping.

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Travis Porter opens up about not getting his flowers

Interviewer: Do you feel that you receive the flowers you deserve?

Belt: It’s really a stiff ass, no.
Ask: Rigid Heisman Trophy
Belt: But at the same time, many people do not receive their flowers. It doesn’t just start and end with Travis Porter. There are many n—- who do not receive their flowers, and they n—- write sh—. I don’t wanna be like yeah we don’t get our flowers when it’s other niggas who done more than we did
Ask: And they don’t have their flowers
Belt: So let’s not cry about it. We keep going harder.

Interviewer: Do you have a song that you feel didn’t get the credit it deserved?

Ali: No. I feel like the songs that didn’t get as much love people still listen to to this day.

Interviewer: I feel like “Cake” didn’t get the recognition it deserved.

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Ask: You’re right, but he did it because when we play it everyone knows it. But, that’s like our career. That’s like Travis Porter’s career. It’s like they know but it’s like we heard? It’s like we know them n——. We love you n——-. But where are they? So is that song. It’s like he’s there. Everybody knows. But it didn’t get as much love as “Make It Rain” or “Bring It Back,” but it was a neighborhood classic. Some of the sh—just don’t go that way. Like, I could name 100 Boosie songs that no one has ever heard of, but they’re classics to me.

Travis Porter gives Mac Miller his flowers to help him put them on

Interviewer: Yeah, how does it make you feel that people keep rocking with you like there’s no pause?

Ali: I mean… I know I still have it. I know I am him.
Ask: That comes with a solid foundation, like Strap said, how we were raised and how we started.
Ali: We are a people person.
Ask: We will leave the section and go to the bar. Even if we have a show and only 300-500 people show up, we go to the bar and have drinks for everyone. There aren’t too many people that we can’t show love to everyone.
Belt: I feel like the way we show love to our fans makes them feel like they know us more so they appreciate it. They appreciate music and it always takes you back to where you were. We have memories together. Simple as that.
Ali: And our music crossed paths, and I have to give that to Mac Miller for putting us on his tour. He crossed us into another world
Ask: It put us in a whole different realm music-wise and that’s when we released ‘Reup’. That’s one of those songs. It was a dream, but the fans of his are the ones who took that and ran with it. You know what I’m talking? Greetings to Mac Miller. Rest in peace the homie.

Travis Porter Talk All Things Millennium Tour

Interviewer: Who asked you to join the Millennium Tour?

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Ask: Sh-, woof woof.

Interviewer: How was that? How did you ask everyone?

Ask: Shit Facetime. He was like, “Brother. What are you doing? What are they trying to do? I was like, “What does money look like?” And, thanks to our homie, Bart, he was also pushing for us to be on this tour. He is one of our Atlanta homies.

Interviewer: What does being on this tour mean to you and your contribution to culture?

Ali: It feels good. You forget because you haven’t performed in a big crowd like that in a long time, and it’s like damn, we really are them. That’s how it feels every time we go on stage.
Ask: Yes, those are facts. And we’re out after everyone on this tour, and I feel like we’re a nice addition to what’s going on. And we have the best show. We have the best set.

photo output 1 scaled

meInterviewer: On this tour, whose fans do you feel?

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Ask: pleasure p
Ali: Yes, I would say the same.
Belt: I also
Ali: That ‘You were wrong’ got my girl back five times
Ask: I literally lost my virginity to a Pleasure P song. So that’s why I resonate

Strap Clear The Air on how important sex is to a relationship

Interviewer: And, my last question is for Correa, I saw a video on twitter and it was a podcast, and you specifically said that you think sex is 90% of a relationship. So tell me why you think it’s 90% of a relationship.

Belt: That was 90% of Cassamigos vouching for me. LOL.

It’s clear that Travis Porter really appreciates the love they’ve received during the Millennium Tour, and fans are here for the nostalgia his music brings.

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Roommates, which Travis Porter song is your favorite?

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