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Fall Is Soon, So I Found All the Best Stretch Boots in Every Height

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20220925 151258

The only thing I look forward to most when a fall is on the horizon is getting my boot group out of hibernation. Whether you’re wearing a pretty dress, an oversized sweater, or my favorite pair of jeans, boots are an almost ubiquitous addition to all of my fall outfits. For many years, one of the styles that has been a big hit in my wardrobe has been the adorable rubber boot.

Fortunately, this season’s offerings of the popular stretch design not only come in a large variety of heights but there is an option for every personal style as well. I’ve rounded up 32 of the internet’s top picks that include everything from above-the-knee to ankle-high to upper-thighs—each offering a different experience when it comes to heel height, sole thickness, toe shape, and more. My personal favourite? Black over-the-knee boots with a lug sole. Scroll to discover your top picks for fall, below.

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