Fans of dodge go to great lengths in trolling the Padres, Fernando Tates Jr.

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Blowing up explosives?  What will they think next time?

Blowing up explosives? What will they think next time?
screenshot: Twitter

Fan hunting down opponents is a long tradition, and one of many. Reasons why going to the game is more fun than staying at home and watching it on TV. Whether it’s the creative chants shouted in unison at a Premier League match or the sharks Fans shout “You suck!” Facing their opponents at the end of the national anthem, creative satire makes the fan experience unforgettable. Well, Dodger fans have set a new standard.

This is beautiful! It’s great! I hate Dodgers, and I can’t help but smile, clap and nod in approval at the sheer genius of this trolling.

This obviously refers to the character of Padres Fernando Tates Jr. Suspended for 80 matches For violating MLB’s performance-enhancing drug policy less than a month ago. While many items have been thrown at baseball diamonds over the years (beach balls, Batteriesfood, etc.), the inflatable PED stands out because it not only specifically targets the team the Dodgers were playing on, but it also doesn’t hurt anyone, it can’t hurt anyone, and it would be really easy to imitate.

As much as I’d love to carry an Astros bag due to the 2017 cheating scandal, what followed Trash cans that were repeatedly thrown into the field Against Stros was not very fun. For example, trash cans were a small part of the entire cheating scandal, and don’t really represent the scandal as a whole. Second, imagine that a trash can slip out of a fan’s hand while he’s trying to toss it. This could knock out another fan. The inflatable PED does not have this problem. It’s soft, but still conveys the message.

I mean, look at the video again. This is just a plastic bag filled with air and covered with a little duct tape. Throw in a little Sharpie for tagging and BAM, you have an effective elf. It’s also much cheaper than buying a bottle of the real stuff and throwing it in the field. Sure, the Padres broadcast probably won’t show the ball girl catching it, but the home team will, because they know how tough that taunt is.

Now, of course, as with any insult, if it is overused, it loses its luster. So, I’m not saying I want to see an inflatable steroid in every Padres game for the rest of the season, but maybe another one this year, one when Tates returns next year, and one at the end of next year when Padres competes for a playoff point again? can happen *kiss boss* perfect.

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