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Fantasy Football sports movie is a great advertisement for Madden, but its heart is in the right place

There’s a lot of #brand #synergy in this trailer for fantasy Football, Presented by good corporate friends from the NFL, Nickelodeon, EA Sports and Paramount Plus. But we’ll try to get past that and admit that, yes, given the opportunity, our favorite created player in Madden NFL 23 would be our dad, especially if we could get him to do The Worm before the snap.

Marsai Martin (ABC) Blackish) plays Carmen Coleman, the teenage daughter of pro football flop Bobby Coleman (Omari Hardwick, who in real life was a defenseman at Georgia and a training camp hopeful with the San Diego Chargers). Despite the mansion, the cars and the generational wealth, it looks like Bobby’s career is going to hit a dead end with the second row of the Atlanta Falcons, and she doesn’t have a second act in mind after that.

But then a lightning strike provides the most post-launch support a version of Madden has ever seen, and now Carmen’s super-stick skills on her Xbox Series X breathe new life into dad’s moves on the field. You can imagine the developers at EA Tiburon plugging jumper cables into the compiler just to see if that shit actually works for their next title update.

You can guess where it all goes from there. In the great tradition of family sports comedies like Rookie of the Year, Little GiantsY little big league, Carmen steps in with the knowledge only kids have about how simple these silly sports are and rescues her dad’s career. Kelly Rowland (mom Keisha Coleman) co-stars in a cameo cast that includes CBS announcers Jim Nantz and Tony Romo, and Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez as Falcons coach Lance Evans.

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fantasy football comes from a production team that includes LeBron James (Space Jam: A New Legacy) and longtime friend, agent and collaborator Maverick Carter, who founded SpringHill Entertainment with the NBA great two years ago. Though fantasy football premiering November 25 on Paramount Plus, Nickelodeon’s branding means we can probably expect some sort of cross-promotion with the league’s broadcasts before and after. In fact, Nickelodeon plans to air a kids’ telecast in conjunction with this season’s Christmas Day meeting between Denver and the Los Angeles Rams.

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