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Fashionable Bomber of the Year with Ryan Rolland, Bruce Brown, David-King Fadd and more


Every week we feature a stylish member of the Fashion Bomb Men community. Just like our Fashion Bombshell of the Week feature, we send a special shout out to the fashion-forward guys who make Fashion Bomb Daily great.

This year, we received tons of submissions from Firefighters from all over the world. From impressively chic tailoring to shocking minimalism, the guys have been keeping us in lockdown every week.

However, at the end of the year there can only be one supreme king style. Check out the nominees for the 2022 Fashion Bomber of the Year:

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Photo: @rollandryan

Rolland’s appreciation for designer sunglasses and cropped shorts exemplifies Cali’s chic style. It serves up every ounce of sex with a heavy dose of elegance.

Photo: @mrbruceebrown

Bruce Brown’s fearless approach to fashion is what makes him someone to watch. With a wardrobe full of flashy accessories and blocky texturing skills, his style is a delight to behold.

Photo: @david_fadd

No color is too bright, and no pattern too bold, for model and content creator David-King Fadd. His dynamic style is as flashy as it is saturated.

Photo: @elizhacolquitt

Jamauhl mixes minimalism with maximalism. instead of dressing each color or pattern, Jamauhl designs around his statement pieces to create a striking look.

Photo: @kendalldorsey1

Inspired by her mother and the fashions she saw in church growing up, Kendall Dorsey’s style is an ode to black girl glamour.

Photo: @pkd_19

Pascal Douglas refuses to limit his style and it’s that confidence and passion that fuels him. Versatile like most style icons, Douglas’s looks offer exceptional variety, from fine suits to patchwork dresses.

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cZ CIK2A 1
Photo: @kingofstyle1990

Mauricio refers to his appearance as an extension of his state of mind. However, no matter how this king of style feels, his emotionally driven fashion sense is told through a cultural lens.

Photo: @radthedon

Radley Glaude is a man of many hats. Not just because of his multiple talents, but because the essential accessory plays an important role in his style. Whether it’s a wide-brimmed hat or a sporty baseball cap, he’ll find that he’s rarely fully dressed without a hat.

Photo: @ikxenna

Stovall describes her style as versatile, with feeling at the heart of every look. He finds that his best looks are built on emotion.

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