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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games coming to Switch and PS4

The first six Final Fantasy games, remastered in retro pixelated form, are coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in spring 2023, Square Enix announced on Sunday. The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series features revamped 2D pixel graphics, revamped soundtracks, modernized user interface, and other extras including a bestiary, art gallery, and music player.

The sextet of games — Final Fantasy, final fantasy 2, final fantasy 3, final fantasy 4, final fantasy 5Y final fantasy 6 – will be released digitally on Switch and PS4. Pixel Remasters are available now on Android and iOS mobile devices and Windows PC via Steam. Square Enix has not announced versions for Xbox platforms.

Square Enix also didn’t announce pricing for the individual console versions on console, but on Steam, the games are $11.99 (for Final Fantasy Y final fantasy 2) or $17.99 (per final fantasy 3 through 6). Square Enix is ​​selling a standard edition bundle for all six games on Switch and PS4 that costs $74.99.

The publisher is also selling a physical Anniversary Edition of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games, which includes the following, according to a Square Enix press release:

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  • final fantasy ISAW Collection: physical collection of all games for PS4 or Nintendo Switch
  • Anniversary Edition Item Box
  • An additional lenticular sleeve for the game pack.
  • 2-disc vinyl record set featuring newly arranged game music with exclusive cover art by Kazuko Shibuya
  • A specially compiled art book showcasing beautiful character pixel art.
  • Eight stylized figures of pixel art characters in window packaging

Artwork from the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Anniversary Edition bundle, which includes images of the vinyl record set with 2-disc artwork, art book, physical game boxes, and pixel figurines.

Image: Square Enix

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That physical edition costs a whopping $259.99 before tax and shipping, by the way.

Square Enix released the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series over a period of months starting in the summer of 2021. The remasters were generally well received, with the exception of some source-based criticism, by fans of the classic pixel game series. role.

The Final Fantasy franchise just turned 35 on Sunday. The first game in the franchise, Final Fantasywas released in Japan for the Nintendo Famicom system on December 18, 1987.

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