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Florence Pugh Said She’s “Totally In Love” With Olivia Wilde In 2019 And It Makes The Fight Rumors Even Sadder

Earlier this month, it was speculated that Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde had a falling out while working together on do not worry honey it came to a head when the entire cast gathered at the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival, seriously awkward.

The awkward event seemed to almost confirm the rumours, with Florence deliberately avoiding Olivia throughout the night after choosing to skip a joint press conference earlier that day.

But to really understand the nuances of the stars’ behavior at the premiere, we need to go back to February 2021, when the first hint that all was not well between the two women came to light.

This is when you work on do not worry honey wrapped up, and Florence, who plays lead character Alice, paid tribute to various members of the film crew in a lengthy Instagram caption while sharing a selection of behind-the-scenes photos.

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Fans were quick to note that the film’s director, Olivia, was not mentioned at all in the post, and since then, Florence has been reluctant to talk about the film in any capacity, barely posting about it on her very active social media page. social.

It was also noted that Florence had completely ignored a post Olivia had made in honor of her work on the film.

But things didn’t really get complicated until last month, when Florence and Olivia gave interviews that directly contradicted each other’s views on do not worry honey.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar in August, Florence admitted she was unhappy with the hypersexualized way the film was being marketed, with a specific reference to a graphic sex scene being included in its trailer.

But Olivia had previously told Vogue that depicting female pleasure on screen was one of her priorities when making the film, and she was obviously delighted when Clit Test praised the trailer’s sex scene for “showing how it’s done.”

Speaking to Variety shortly after Florence’s interview came out, Olivia took issue with her leading lady’s stance by insisting that the sex scenes were “an integral part” of the story after she boasted to the publication that ” men don’t fit into this movie.”

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“Female pleasure, the best versions you see today, are in queer movies,” Olivia added. “Why do we feel more comfortable with female pleasure when it comes to two women in the film? In heterosexual sex scenes in movies, the focus on men as recipients of pleasure is almost ubiquitous.”

Another tension in the feud involves Shia LaBeouf, who was originally cast alongside Florence in 2020. He abruptly left the project before filming began and was replaced by Harry Styles.

While working on the film together, Olivia and Harry entered into a romantic relationship that reportedly made Florence “uncomfortable”. It has also been claimed that Florence was allowed to direct parts of the film herself because Olivia was too distracted by Harry.

In addition to this, Olivia has repeatedly claimed that she chose to let Shia go from the film because Florence was unhappy working with him and has a strict “no asshole” policy on set.

Last month, he told Variety that Shia had “a combative energy,” so he let him go from the project to “protect” Florence and make her feel “safe.”

But just days after the interview was published, Shia retaliated, providing Variety with a series of receipts apparently proving that she had chosen to leave. do not worry honey because he felt he didn’t have enough time to rehearse.

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The evidence included a video message Olivia had sent him, pleading with him to reconsider his decision to quit, as he referred to Florence as “Miss Flo” and said she needed a “wake-up call.”

In the clip, which later leaked online, Olivia told Shia, “I feel like I’m not ready to give this up yet, and I’m also heartbroken and want to work this out. You know, I think this might be a little wake-up call for Miss Flo, and I want to know if you’re willing to try it with me, with us.”

“If she really commits, if she really puts her mind and her heart on this and if you guys can make it up, and I respect your point of view, I respect hers, but if you can, what do you do? to think? There is hope? Will you let me know? she added.

While Florence did not publicly react to the leaked video, her stylist mentioned it in a Venice Film Festival Instagram post, which Florence liked.

Although the tension between the two women is now palpable, you may be surprised to learn that it hasn’t always been this way, and when Florence first appeared in the film, she called Olivia her “idol.”

Announcing the news on social media in 2020, Florence wrote: “@oliviawilde just tagged me in a photo *gasp #1* @oliviawilde cast me in a movie *gasp #2* @oliviawilde is my idol and allowed me to be a part of this fucking amazing cast. Shia?!? Chris?!? *gasp #3*”

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And a video resurfaced from November 2019 has now reiterated just how much Florence admired the director as she discussed her work with fellow actor Beanie Feldstein.

in variety Actors on actors series, Florence and Beanie sat down together to discuss their careers, and Beanie had just starred in Olivia’s directorial debut, smart booking.

Unable to hide her feelings for Olivia at the time, Florence asked, “What was it like working with Olivia Wilde? Because I am totally in love with her.”

And Beanie was convinced that the two women would hit it off and replied, “I think you and Olivia would be very attracted to each other because she’s as fearless as you are and her work is excellent both on and off screen.”

Florence smiled and agreed, “I can tell.”

This exchange has gained traction on TikTok thanks to the recent do not worry honey drama, with many people sharing their sympathy for Florence after she was apparently let down by someone she admired so much.

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“This is so sad for me :/,” one person commented. Another commented: “Never meet your heroes.”

“Well that didn’t age well it did 💀,” someone else wrote. While a fourth comment read: “Some serious shit must have happened for her to go from THIS to absolute silence.”

Shortly after the awkward premiere earlier in the month, Olivia sparked a backlash when she doubled down on her claim that she had fired Shia, despite evidence he provided to the contrary.

The interview with Vanity Fair took place before Shia made his receipts public, and the article stated: “During pre-production, Wilde told me in London that Pugh told him she was uncomfortable with LaBeouf’s behavior. Wilde says she called LaBeouf herself and fired him.”

“My responsibility was to her. I’m like a mother wolf. Making the call was tricky, but she kind of got it,” Olivia told the publication at the time. “I don’t think it would have been a process that he enjoyed. He comes to his work with an intensity that can be combative. It was not the ethos that he demands in my productions. I want it to improve and evolve because I think it’s a huge loss for the film industry when someone so talented can’t work.”

When contacted by the journalist after Shia appeared to publicly refute Olivia’s narrative, Olivia claimed that the text screenshots he had provided had been taken out of context and did not mention the leaked video.

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A source also claimed that Shia had asked Olivia to choose between him and Florence, and Vanity Fair reported that Olivia let Shia “believe what he wanted to believe: that he was quitting” to save his ego.

In the meantime, do not worry honey had a second New York premiere on Monday, which Florence did not attend, nor did her co-star, Chris Pine.

Both cited other filming commitments for their absence, with Florence currently working on Dune: part two in Budapest and Chris shooting in Los Angeles.

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