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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Florence Pugh Won’t Attend a Press Conference Don’t Worry – But What’s Her Excuse?! – The Hourly News

Florence Pugh Won’t Attend a Press Conference Don’t Worry – But What’s Her Excuse?!  – The Hourly News
Florence Pugh Won’t Attend a Press Conference Don’t Worry – But What’s Her Excuse?!  – The Hourly News

Embarrassment continues for Olivia WildeAnd the Harry StilesAnd the Florence Boge Center do not worry my love Press operation and propaganda period…

According to media reports this weekend, it turns out that Pugh will not be present at the press conference for Venice International Film Festival opener. We’ve covered the possibility that you may have skipped in the unwanted press for the past few days. but according to diverseThat’s now a foregone conclusion, and it appears to be cementing a rumored rift between her and Styles and Wilde.

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The entertainment news outlet reported Sunday morning that Pugh will not be at the press conference to help promote the film on Monday. However, the outlet claims that it will Walking on the red carpet there all the same. However, it’s definitely a major schedule change amid rumors that Pew is supposed to be on a bad relationship with co-star and director Wilde.

according to Peoplethe insider also suggests a specific reason for Pew’s absence from the press conference: It supposedly interferes with her work at Dune: Part Two. Mag magazine reports that Pugh will be flying to Venice this weekend from a group Dune Sequel, you won’t even land after, after Press conference.

Excuse me …

Looks like she might have gotten a different flight and headed to Venice in time if she really wanted to?! Can?? I’m just wondering?!

As for patterns, it is she did appear in Venice, according to TMZ. He came to the festival separate from Wilde, though, and the pair don’t quite put up a united front in this regard — at least not at this point in the weekend. (You can see new snapshots of each other’s arrivals and departures here.)

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Of course, Wilde and Pugh were the focus of rumors about a supposed rift after filming do not worry my love For some time now. The 38-year-old director previously criticized those assumptions in conversation with him diverse. At the time, Olivia stated that “the popular media is a tool to set women against each other and expose them,” and added:

“There were a lot of things I largely didn’t care about. But the absurdity of the inventor’s clickbait and the subsequent backlash about the lack of pay disparity between lead and supporting actors really bothered me. I’m a woman who’s been in the business for over 20 years, and it’s something I fought it for myself and others, especially being a manager. There is absolutely no truth to these claims.”

Sooooo yeah. Guess we’ll see what happens at the press conference and on the red carpet!!

Readers’ rave reactions??

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