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“For seven years, Dak Prescott has been inconsistent”: Shannon Sharpe dismisses Cowboys’ playoff hopes after embarrassing loss to Jaguars

Most agree that the Dallas Cowboys were one of the best football teams after their resounding victory over the Indianapolis Colts. However, after his implosion against the Jacksonville Jaguars, one NFL analyst is ruling out 2022 as his year. Speaking in Indisputablethe show’s co-host, Shannon Sharpe, equated their ability to make the playoffs to being only as good as their defense.

After their loss to the Jaguars, the show’s host claimed they weren’t going to go much further. This is how he put it:

“I’ve been told this team is going to go as far as Micah and the Mauraders take them…Yeah, we’ve got a big sample of Dak Prescott. It’s inconsistent. For seven years, Dak Prescott [has been] inconsistent… That has been established. But they told me this defense would be historic because all I heard was ‘2000 Ravens,’ these big, big defenses.”

.@ShannonSharpe on the Cowboys’ overtime loss to the Jags: “The Cowboys should have lost last week. You do bad things, you end up losing the game, everyone is in trouble.”

He continued, claiming that the Cowboys’ defense had been patting itself too much on the back:

“Bruh, everyone needs to start worrying about being historic and worrying about playing the game. They had a 17-point lead. They had a 14-point lead about a month ago and they gave it up. Not a historic defense to me.”

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Dak Prescott-led Dallas Cowboys hit a wall against Trevor Lawrence’s Jacksonville Jaguars

Dak Prescott in Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys
Dak Prescott in Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys

At halftime, the Dallas Cowboys had a comfortable 21-7 lead. However, the second half turned the script around for the team. The team slowed down in attack and their defense opened up. The result was that the Jaguars came back, scoring 27 points in the second half. Meanwhile, Dallas scored just 13.

Dak Prescott now owns the highest interception percentage in the NFL.

The game went into overtime tied at 34 points, and the Jaguars scored the game-winning touchdown. Prescott completed 23 of 30 passes for 256 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions. Trevor Lawrence completed 27 of 42 passes for 318 yards, four touchdowns and one interception.

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If any of the above quotes are used, please credit Undisputed and H/T Sportskeeda.

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