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Game Of Thrones: 10 Jon Snow Mannerisms & Traits From The Books Kit Harrington Nailed

With dragon house showing that there is still a lot of enthusiasm for the world of game of Thrones, fans can prepare for many more spinoff series to come. One rumored show that has gotten the most attention from fans has been a sequel series with Kit Harrington returning as Jon Snow.

While Jon’s arc in the final season didn’t wow viewers, the character remains an iconic TV hero. That’s partly thanks to the performance of Harrington, who brought Jon Snow’s mannerisms and features from the books to the show to make him one of the series’ most popular characters. game of Thrones.

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his bad mood

Jon Snow in Castle Black staring off camera in Game of Thrones.

While there are many exciting and fun characters in game of Thrones, Harrington never had much of an opportunity to act like this. Jon is a very temperamental character, he always seems to be in a bad mood. Tyrion even comments on his exceptional melancholic abilities in one episode.

Likewise, Jon is described as very surly in the books. Although he has a drier humor than what is seen on the show, he is not one to crack a smile very often and rarely finds positivity in any situation.

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His skills as a swordsman

Jon Snow fights White Walker in Game of Thrones episode Hardhome

Although there are more powerful characters in game of Thrones, Jon proves to be one of the best swordsmen in Westeros. Harrington excels in the battle sequences, showcasing Jon’s exceptional fighting skills and making him appear even more heroic.

Jon hasn’t seen that many battles in the books, but he’s still considered one of the Night’s Watch’s greatest fighters despite his age. He outperforms his teammates in training and shows a lot of speed and agility in the actual fights he’s been in.

Its protected nature

Jon Snow meditating under the snow in Game of Thrones.

Much like aspects of his own life, Jon Snow is a very cautious young man. Whether at home in Winterfell or with his new companions in Castle Black, Harrington plays him with a mix of heroic stoicism and a reclusive, reclusive nature.

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In the books, as Tyrion escorts Jon and the others to the Wall, he comments on how cautious Jon is. While anyone can seem wary compared to Tyrion, he is a good judge of character and expresses sympathy for the boy who seems so lonely.

Your feeling like a stranger

The Starks lined up at Winterfell in the first episode of GOT

The Stark family only has the first two episodes of the series to spend together before going their separate ways. Yet even then, Jon seems like an outsider in the family. During the scenes with the family at Winterfell, Harrington plays Jon with a sense of discomfort and embarrassment at having been pushed slightly to the side.

Feelings of being an outsider are a big part of Jon’s character in the novel and are responsible for much of his journey. When the king visits Winterfell, he even tries to drunkenly crash the feast after being told he can’t make it.

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His closeness with Robb and Arya

Jon Arya

Although he doesn’t feel like a true Stark, Jon is close to some of the Stark brothers. He and Robb are shown to get along very well with Jon remembering how much he admired him upon learning of Robb’s death. But with Arya, he sees her as a real little sister and maybe someone else who doesn’t fit in with the family.

These connections are just as strong in the books. Arya considers Jon to be a closer brother than her real siblings. Robb even considers naming Jon heir to his title before he is killed, showing how much he trusts his half-brother.

Your connection to Nights Watch

Jon and Sam looking at each other in Game of Thrones

One of the things that helps change Jon’s feeling as an outsider is when he joins the Night’s Watch. While it doesn’t start out smoothly, his comrades become like a second family to him and Harrington’s performance shows a sense of belonging.

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Jon also finds this purpose and acceptance in the books. When Stannis offers to make Jon a true Stark and give him Winterfell, Jon decides to stay with the Night’s Watch because he no longer feels the need to define himself by his position within the Stark family.

His connection to the savages

Ygritte and Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

One thing that complicates Jon’s connection to the Night’s Watch is his connection to the Wildlings. Although they are seen as one of Jon’s worst enemies in game of Thrones for the first few seasons, once Jon starts living with them, he sees that they’re more complex than that.

The books don’t have the on-screen chemistry that Jon shares with characters like Ygritte and Tormund. However, he still shares a strong connection with these people, from the way he respects his leader Mance Rayder to his efforts to settle them into their new lives in Westeros.

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Your youthful insecurities

Things you didn't know about Jon Snow: bastard names

One of the biggest differences between the books and the series is the age of the characters. Jon is a teenager when the books begin and has a typical teenage attitude. He can be whiny and immature at times, which makes him seem less heroic but somehow more relatable.

Although he’s older on the show, Harrington captures this aspect of Jon in season 1, showing him as a young man who is easily insulted and complains when things don’t go his way. When he is assigned as a butler at Castle Black, he acts more like a child than a warrior.

His natural leadership

Jon Snow and The Wildlings in Game of Thrones

Although some feel that Jon gets worse at game of Thrones over time, he improves as a leader. Fans get to see Jon take on more and more responsibilities as he learns, makes mistakes, and relearns. In the episode “Watchers On the Wall”, Harrington has shown why men would follow Jon into battle.

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Similarly, the books show that Jon let go of the youthful aspects of himself to become someone who can lead the Night’s Watch. Very soon in this role, he proves to be someone who can make difficult decisions and face dangerous situations.

His conflict between duty and love

Jon Snow looks at Daenerys' corpse in True Detective

Jon is a tragic character in many ways, especially how his story ends. He is devoted to his duty and is often forced to sacrifice the things he loves. This is the choice he makes in the end, killing Daenerys to save Westeros.

While the books haven’t gotten to that point yet for Jon’s character, it’s already an idea he’s struggled with, and one that has cost him dearly. From staying with the Night’s Watch when Ned is killed to watching Ygritte die in battle against the Wildlings, Jon learns that duty is the death of love.

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