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Gigi Hadid wants ‘nothing serious’ with ‘interested’ Leonardo DiCaprio

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20220925 173213

Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio may have different hopes for their budding romance, at least according to what sources have told E! Y Sun.

A source close to DiCaprio made it clear to E! that the 47-year-old actor is very into the 27-year-old model, even relatively recently from his breakup with his girlfriend of four years, Camila Morrone, who turned 25 two months before their split was reported in late August.

“Leo has been asking mutual friends about Gigi and wants to meet her,” the source said. “They have dated several times and he is interested.” That source added that he and Hadid aren’t “exclusive,” with the source adding that Hadid doesn’t really mind being too involved with DiCaprio at the moment.

“Gigi is having fun with it,” the source said. “She’s not interested in anything serious.” Hadid last publicly dated Zayn Malik, his ex-boyfriend and father of his two-year-old daughter Khai. The two separated about a year ago after Malik’s alleged dispute with his mother Yolanda Hadid; They dated on and off for six years before that final split.

While Hadid isn’t envisioning a serious love affair with DiCaprio, a source said. Sun that he’s not completely against Hadid being the one, and that he’s taking it slow to give that future a chance.

“Leo has been telling his friends that he doesn’t want him and Gigi to be a show, they have been very secretive while seeing each other,” a source said. “He wants to take things slow. They are both high profile and don’t want to put pressure on her. They have been leaving from Capri, where they were alone on a yacht.

“He knew he wanted to meet someone who had similar views on life,” the source added, stating that DiCaprio thinks Hadid is mature for her age and that Gigi is “really stuck” feeling like she is mature for her age.

“He’s been saying that he really feels like he’s ready to do a George Clooney and meet the right person, now he feels like he can do it,” the source added. “He has been telling his friends that he really hates the narrative that he only dates women under 25, it bothers him, Gigi is 27 and has a child. There is definitely chemistry, they adore each other, but they have no plans to go public with their relationship yet.”

A source echoed that sentiment to People this week: “He really likes that she has her life in order,” the outlet’s source said. “She has a son and she is mature. She wants to be with someone who has the same idea of ​​good causes and political views as he does.”

That said, Hadid seriously isn’t as convinced of the long-term potential of this relationship as DiCaprio. As a source close to Hadid told E! on September 13, he sees it much more casually. “Neither of us wants a relationship. [at the moment]”, said the source. “Gigi and Leo have dated several times and are in love. Gigi thinks she’s a cool guy. Most of her hangouts come from being in the same social circles at various parties.”

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