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Glitter lipstick, popart nails, hair ideas and more!

5 Holislay Beauty Trends for this Christmas and New Years Glitter Lipstick Popart Nails Hair Ideas and More

Are you ready for Christmas dinner? What about the New Year’s Eve party? The good thing is that even if you have your outfit ready and your makeup look already in mind, we have a few ways you can up your festive style this year! Choose from one of these trends or mix and match them to best suit your holiday style!

Stay Golden Cosmetics has a bold glitter lip kit that is perfect for Christmas or New Years. The kit comes in multiple colors and the glitter stays perfectly in place all night long, with no transfers! A must-have for instantly amplifying any makeup look.

Nude nails are the perfect base for a simple yet fun holiday manicure, just like this viral mismatched mistletoe! A little quick and easy DIY nail art can freshen up your nails to fit all your upcoming festivities.

Call it pop art, call it cartoon, but whatever you call it, call it fabulous! This is the nail trend of the season, remixed and revamped in so many different ways. We were amazed at the creativity of this Christmas light set!

Glitter Eco Lovers offers glitter cosmetic products that are multipurpose, plant-based, vegan, plastic-free, and biodegradable. Use it for festive makeup or even things like Christmas crafts and holiday baked goods garnishes. Or, like the stylist in the previous reel, style her for maximum impact at your next event!

For those of us who really take the holidays seriously, adding lights, bows, and other decorations to your hair sounds like a lot of fun! Make it your own, and when done right, it can enhance your outfit.

Would you try any of these beauty trends?

Main pictures: IG/Playback

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