Google Nest WiFi packages are cheaper than ever on Amazon

These days, there are better options for ensuring WiFi signals reach every part of your home than struggling to fix a router on the roof. A mesh network uses multiple nodes (or points), giving you multiple points of connectivity instead of a single router. Google’s Nest WiFi system is a solid mesh network option, and the devices are currently on sale on Amazon. A two-pack of the Nest WiFi system is down to $100, which is the lowest price we’ve seen to date. The package normally costs $269.

Google Nest WiFi router with 1 point


The two-pack includes a router and a point. If you want to have a router and two points, you’re in luck, as there’s a three-pack on sale, too. It’s 50 percent off at $175. A two-pack will provide WiFi coverage up to 3,800 square feet, while the three-pack will cover up to 5,400 square feet, Google says.

Each router and Nest point can connect to up to 100 devices simultaneously. Each router has two Ethernet ports, while each point is a smart speaker with Google Assistant integration. Google says the system can support multiple simultaneous 4K video streams, but that will depend on the speed of your internet plan.

Those looking for a higher-end option may want to consider the Nest WiFi Pro 6E system. Two-pack and three-pack variants of the bundle are on sale for $250 (usually $300) and $340 (usually $400) respectively. This network will work with older devices, your current devices, and those that support WiFi 6E, though it’s not compatible with older generations of Google WiFi or Nest WiFi products.

WiFi 6E offers faster speeds and lower latencies than WiFi 6 and earlier standards. Having access to wider wireless spectrum should also reduce network congestion and potential interference from your neighbors’ networks, so choosing a WiFi 6E mesh system could bolster your setup now and for years to come.

Google Nest WiFi Pro 6E (3-Pack)

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