Google’s Pixel 7a may cost $50 more than its predecessor

Alleged feature updates for the Google Pixel 7a may lead to a price hike. TO 9to5Google The retail source claims that the upcoming mid-range phone will cost $499, or $50 more than the Pixel 6a. That’s not surprising given the potential upgrades that include a 90Hz display, 64MP main camera, and wireless charging, but this is a far cry from the Pixel 4a’s $350.

Google is reportedly making up for the increase by keeping the Pixel 6a on sale at a lower price. You might still get a budget phone, even if it’s just last year’s model. There’s no news of Google expanding software update support for the 6a, so we wouldn’t have Android version updates after July 2025 yet.

You may not have to wait as long for the Pixel 7a as you did for its ancestor. The same source says that the new phone will be available in retail stores on May 11. Home Page Technologyby Jon Prosser says the 7a would be available for immediate purchase on May 10, but from 9 to 5 you think you won’t reach any customers until the next day. That’s still better than for the 6a, which didn’t ship until two months after its launch event.

If the report is accurate, the $499 price tag for the Pixel 7a won’t thrill fans who have witnessed price spikes elsewhere in the tech world. However, Google has incentives to continue with this strategy. CEO Sundar Pichai recently stated that the Pixel 6a, 7, and 7 Pro represent the “best-selling generation of phones” in Google’s history. While that’s not a surprise given previous modest sales (Counterpoint Research estimates that Google had 6 percent of the North American market in the fourth quarter), it suggests that Google is content to build on its existing formula.

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