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Gotham Knights Confirms Justice League Villain For Heroic Assault Mode

The Bat-family will face off against a Justice League foe and a new cosmic threat in Gotham Knights’ free-to-play four-player co-op Heroic Assault.

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the villain by gotham knightsThe Heroic Assault mode has been revealed, and it’s one that has key connections to the Justice League. The main campaign of gotham knights featured the Bat Family primarily facing off against the League of Shadows and Court of Owls in the wake of Batman’s death, with sidequests including other classic villains like Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, and Clayface. The four-player Heroic Assault mode was revealed in October and will see players face off against enemies across 30 different floors.


[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Gotham Knights.]

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The official gotham knights The Twitter account has revealed that the four-player co-op Heroic Assault mode will see Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin taking on a more cosmic threat in the form of Justice League foe Starro the Conqueror. A promotional poster shows the mind-controlling star in a containment tank, and a follow-up tweet shows an email to “gotham knightsfrom Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) of the Justice League, warning them of the threat Starro poses to their city. Batman Arkham Videos He also shared a picture of the new achievements and trophies, one earned for defeating Starro and banishing his “cosmic threat“.

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Gotham Knights Heroic Assault: Why Starro Is A Great Pick

Starro Revealed in Promo Art for Gotham Knights 4-Player Heroic Assault Mode

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Starro the Conqueror is a giant alien starfish who came to Earth with the intent to conquer all life and turn humanity into his mindless slaves through mind control, and is often a threat for the main team to deal with. of DC superheroes, the Justice League. Mind control and mind manipulation played a role in gotham knights‘ main campaign, with Harley Quinn’s implant chips turning civilians into her minions, and gotham knightThe ending explains Talia al Ghul’s master plan to use the Lazarus Pits to control Bruce Wayne after resurrecting him. Though new achievements have revealed the returns of Harley and Talia, and the promo poster shows Starro in contention, it’s unlikely that Star Conqueror would conform to a human’s wishes.

Starro’s mind control could play a role in how different characters behave in Heroic Assault compared to gotham knights‘main narrative. When Heroic Assault co-op was announced in early October, it was revealed that the free co-op experience would be separate from the main Court of Owls story. gotham knights. This should give developer WB Games Montréal more room to play with some of the enemies and supporting characters players have already met, no matter what their relationship to the Bat family is during the main story. Starro may be behind the return of defeated boss players in the main story in the new DLC, making him the ideal main villain.

Given Starro the Conqueror’s power set, and the return of gotham knightsAlready a challenge for boss battles, Heroic Assault should surely provide a challenge for the bat family. With gotham knights Heroic Assault launching today, it won’t be long until players can join in and see what WB Games Montréal has in store with their take on the classic Justice League foe.

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Source: Gotham Knights/Twitter (1, two), Batman Arkham Videos/Twitter

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