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GoW Ragnarök: How To Find Petrified Bone

Petrified Bone is a rare resource used to craft and upgrade weapon attachments in God of War: Ragnarök. This is where players can find it.

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Petrified Bone is a rare crafting resource that players can use to craft and upgrade equipment in God of War: Ragnarök. However, players will find that the Nine Realms are full of useful resources that they can use, coming from a wide variety of sources, ranging from chests to high-level boss creature items. According to the game codex, Petrified Bone is a nearly unbreakable bone that can forge the best weapon accessories in the Nine Realms. Weapon attachments allow Kratos to improve the stats of his Leviathan Ax and Blades of Chaos and add useful passive buffs that can give him an advantage over his enemies in God of War: Ragnarok high intensity combat.


players in God of War: Ragnarok You can craft and upgrade equipment at Brok and Sindri’s workshop, including GoW: RagnarokThe best armor sets. Higher-tier gear upgrades require higher-quality, rarer resources that can only be found in specific locations. Petrified Bone is a relatively rare resource that is used to craft and upgrade high-tier weapon accessories. As such, it won’t appear until after the game’s start times. Additionally, players will have to explore off the beaten path to find it due to its rarity.

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Location of the petrified bone in God Of War: Ragnarök

God of War Ragnarok petrified bone icon

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Players can find Petrified Bone from a number of sources, most of which involve exploring the game’s many realms. exploration in God of War: Ragnarok is encouraged, with players able to take a number of favors like finding Lunda’s lost armor in God of War: Ragnarok. The main source of Petrified Bone and most other crafting resources are the glowing red coffins and chests that players will often come across when exploring. They usually contain various crafting resources and are not guaranteed to drop Petrified Bone, so players should explore as much as possible to find them.

According to Powerpyx, players can also find Petrified Bone from other unconventional sources, including the Wishing Well in Vanaheim, where players can exchange shimmering crystals for crafting materials. However, players will need to have completed the game’s 13th main quest to access this area. Another method to obtain Petrified Bone is to participate in trials in the fiery realm of Muspelheim. Players should note that they will need to collect the Muspelheim Kingdom Seed to reach Muspelheim. Both halves of the Realm Seed can be found in Svartalheim, though one half is found in an area that can only be accessed after players complete God of War: Ragnarok 10th main mission.

As such, players will likely get most of their petrified bone by opening chests and coffins throughout the Nine Realms. While there are other options, including Wishing Well and Muspelheim Trials, they can only be accessed starting in the middle or late game. At this point, players will have started completing high-level activities like hunting dragons to craft high-quality armor like God of War: Ragnarök’s Dragon Scaled Armor, which will likely take up most of the valuable crafting resources players find. Weapon attachment updates are still important though, and players will still need to track down some petrified bones to keep up. God of War: Ragnarok increasingly challenging combat encounters.

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Source: Powerpyx

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    Ragnarok has arrived in God of War Ragnarok, the sequel to the 2018 game of the year released on PlayStation 4. Three years have passed since Kratos and his son, Atreus, completed their quest across the realms while facing off against a small handful of norse gods. . However, his actions have consequences. The father of all, Odin, is ready for revenge, and his son, Thor, leads the charge. Atreus, seeking to find more answers to the questions of his lineage bestowed on him by his mother, embarks on another quest with his father to uncover the truth as he faces the wrath of Odin’s realm. New friends and allies will help them on their journey, but some allies turned enemies will seek to finish them off before Fimbulwinter comes to an end. God of War Ragnarok will conclude the God of War Norse saga and will be released on November 9, 2022.

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