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Graphic shows Seahawks winning Russell Wilson trade

Seahawks by Geno Smith
(Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)

Russell Wilson was always seen as the Seattle Seahawks’ franchise quarterback in his years with the team.

However, the team felt it was best to move away from him this season, opting to trade him to the Denver Broncos.

Now the Seahawks and their fans are watching the Wilson trade win.

A chart now shows how they are winning this trade in every possible way.

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The Seahawks are better off without Wilson in 2022

It’s rare for NFL teams to have a better quarterback with their backup compared to their starting quarterback.

Yet this is exactly what the Seahawks found in Geno Smith for 2022.

His 7-6 record, 72% completion percentage, 25 touchdowns and 105.1 passer rating top Wilson’s numbers.

However, everything the Seahawks got from the Wilson trade makes the deal a steal for them.

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With them getting multiple first- and second-round draft picks, they’re winning the trade deal by a mile.

While they’re getting incredible production out of Smith this season, they also have the second overall pick next year.

This pick is the one they got from the Broncos and will hold its value unless the team improves.

While Smith is coaching for the team this season, they have the option of drafting another quarterback in 2023.

Even if they keep Smith next season, they can now build their future franchise quarterback with the Wilson trade.

However, if the Seahawks don’t want a quarterback in 2023, the pick can land them multiple first-round picks if they trade to another team.

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All of these options make the Seahawks big winners in the Wilson trade.

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