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Greg Grippo Denounces Backlash Over Victoria Fuller Romance: ‘Leave My Mother And Family Out Of This’

Greg Grippo Victoria Fuller

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Image Credit: ABC

Greg Grippo is willing to accept any hate regarding his relationship with victoria fuller, but is limited to involving his family. “Send all the hate you want my way, but please leave my mother and family out of this. Enjoy your Thanksgiving,” Greg wrote on Instagram Story on Nov. 24.

Greg Grippo
Greg Grippo’s Instagram story about the haters. (instagram)

Bachelor Nation was shocked when Greg and Victoria went public with their relationship on the single in paradise season 8 reunion despite Victoria leaving the beach engaged to johnny dephillipo. “We’ve been friends for a while,” Greg said during the meeting. “We met last year through mutual friends, we kept in touch. He ended up going to Paradise and getting engaged. Over the weeks after Paradise, we ended up rekindling it and testing it.”

The couple revealed that they took a trip to Rome in an attempt to avoid fans, but were unsuccessful. During the meeting, Victoria and Greg showed off the matching tattoos they got on their trip. “At the end of the day, no one has to understand or understand him and that’s okay,” Victoria said of their relationship. “Everyone can hate us if they want. I don’t give a fuck because I have this son of a bitch!”

Johnny came out during the post-final meeting to confirm that he and Victoria were “no longer engaged”. And he added: “We parted ways. I want to say I’m fine, but it really breaks my heart that she’s not sitting next to me as my fiancée right now. This is just awkward.”

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Greg Grippo
Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller during the ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ reunion. (ABC)

Victoria explained that she knew her relationship with Johnny “wasn’t working out” for 3 weeks after filming wrapped. “I knew at the time that we weren’t going to get engaged,” she admitted. Things heated up between Victoria and Johnny during their one-on-one conversation. Johnny accused Victoria of devising a “narrative” to try to explain the rumors that were circulating about her and Greg. “This is something you’ve constantly told me isn’t true, but it’s true,” Johnny told Victoria.

Victoria shot Johnny as their heated conversation continued. “I totally identify with you and it’s hard to see me moving on, but what’s the right time to move on when you called me [expletive] when were we supposed to be in a happy and loving relationship? she asked point blank. Johnny defended himself, saying, “We both know that’s not something I would say and it wasn’t.” Victoria and Johnny never agreed on the end of their relationship. Victoria was ready to move on, and that is precisely what she is doing.

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