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Halo Infinite: How To Unlock The Unicorn of Earth Armor

With a celebration event with Discord, the developers of Halo Infinite are giving players the chance to unlock exclusive cosmetics by sharing live streams.

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The live services of infinite halo have expanded with Xbox’s recent partnership with Discord, with the developers offering players exclusive limited-time cosmetic items, including an outfit known as the Unicorn of Earth Armor. Included in this pack is a rare vehicle skin, a new weapon emblem, a nameplate, and of course, the armor itself. Completely free to players through an easy process, Unicorn of Earth Armor supports the creative efforts made by players within the community, representing 343 Industries’ continued support for the game after its release.


The only way to receive the items included with the Unicorn of Earth armor is for players to log in to Discord and go live while you play infinite halo for at least 15 minutes. Players will then need to share their gameplay with friends on Discord while actively playing for the allotted time. Permissions on Discord must be turned on for these requirements to be recognized, no matter which one. infinite haloMultiplayer modes are being played. While going through the single player campaign also meets this requirement, a single multiplayer match should be more than enough for the prerequisite, making time fly by much faster.

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How to redeem the Unicorn Of Earth armor in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Unicorn of Earth Armor in two characters during CTF game type in multiplayer, with a person about to explode from a plasma grenade

A notification will appear once players meet the requirements for the Unicorn of Earth armor, giving them a code that can be redeemed through the third-party app called Halo Waypoint. Players struggling to see where their code gets sent may need to adjust their Discord settings via the activate key Y drops of discord sections. Signing into an Xbox account in Halo Waypoint takes players to a “redeem code” option that appears after selecting your user icon. Entering the code as it appeared gives players each infinite halo cosmetic included in this collaboration event, especially the Unicorn of Earth armor.

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This event started on December 6, 2022and will end the December 30, 2022, giving players until the end of the month to post on Discord with their game. Thankfully, infinite halo allows the redemption of your codes purchased in December until January 6, 2023. That’s a pretty reasonable window for players who have already taken the necessary steps to get the Unicorn of Earth cosmetics. Although there are many issues surrounding infinite halothe customizable armor and gear that have plagued the game since its release, the free Unicorn of Earth armor in infinite halo gives players something to look forward to this holiday season.

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